Intensified Recruitment and Selection Process

To meet the demand of this year's quota, and to fulfill the target Quarterly Recruit Index (QRI) Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel, Recruitment Branch had doubled its effort in the recruitment and selection process. After gathering enormous pool of applicants from various line units, tough screening procedures began. This is to ensure a fair approach in personnel procurement and selection of the “best and brightest” among our Candidate Soldier Applicants.

The screening was launched on 01 April 2017 with the training to start on 01 June 2017. The CS Applicants undergo a panel interview, composed of staff from different offices scrutinizing knowledge, attitude, and skills - job fit of each applicant. They have to undertake a trade test which is a practical evaluation of the specific skills they applied such as carpentry, masonry, mechanic or clerical jobs. The corresponding experts in the field are tasked to interview and evaluate the performance of the CS Applicants, Likewise they are observed on their physical self, tact, character and attitude.

Also emphasized in the screening process is the physical fitness test, as they are required to undergo rigid physical activities such as timed push-ups, sit ups, and 3.2-km-run. After which, an equally important procedure that they need to pass is the neuropsychiatric and general physical examination. The tough screening process, is all deemed important to fulfill our recruitment goals – meeting our QRI and to select the best and the brightest in a fair impartial and gender-smart approach.