Recruitment Campaign Advocacy

OG1, crafted series of recruitment measures to ensure that we are gathering a good number of pool of applicants, for our Candidate Soldier Course. First, to ascertain that we are on the right track in our recruitment campaign and for the continued improvement of our approaches, we conducted recruitment evaluation survey to gather applicant's recruitment experience. The data gathered in the survey will be used to check which source of recruitment information our applicants have. Also to inspect which part of the recruitment process were effective or not. In a recent recruitment evaluation survey done on 19 May 2017, it was found that highest among the source of recruitment information was from relatives and friends who are members of the Philippine Army and followed by social media. In answer to this survey, we quickly intensified our recruitment via word of mouth and social media such as publication of recruitment and selection with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) published in our Facebook page and website.

Second measure in this advocacy is the establishment of registration booths during the schedule of AFPSAT conducted by ARO. To readily capture applicants, we perform information drive during these times, and ask the applicants to register so we can make a follow up on them upon the release of the test results. During the AFPSAT schedule in Cebu City and Bohol, we have personnel stationed for these purpose.