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The primary purpose of the Army Transformation Roadmap is to transform the PA into a more credible, dynamic, responsive, capable, and professional Army committed to its mandate of serving the people and securing the land. It emphasizes a comprehensive approach in pursuing reforms and covers all facets of the organization which includes its personnel.

In light with this, 53E binds mutual relationship with one of its stakeholders, the Cebu Automechanika who exerted effort to conduct the Auto mechanic Skills Competition. This Auto Mechanic Skills Competition is one of the Brigade's answers to gauge the current level and competency of personnel in their fields of specialization. Skills competition such as this focuses on skills that are critical to the accomplishment of the Brigade's mission.

Coordination with one of the 53E partners – the Cebu Automechanika as one of the parties in coming up with this Memorandum of Agreement, paved the way for honing and coming up with quality training as well as the provision and availability of one car engine for the use of this skills competition.

The participants of the Auto Mechanic Skills Competition were the 4 line battalions; 542ECB, 543ECB, 546ECB and 552ECB, to include also the ESC. The mechanics of the competition as follows:

Composition- A team composed of 2 personnel. Each participating team is required to complete the assigned problem within the prescribed time.
Scenario - The competing team works on the disassembled engine. The test and evaluation as to parts identification and function is done in question and answer format. The engine then will be reassemble and will be determined if it is in working condition.

Evaluation – Each Team will evaluate the completeness of the tools used. The competing teams will be rated pass or fail. Time and proper procedures to complete the repair will also be considered in determining the winning team.

From the said competition, the varying skills of the participants were identified. Their weaknesses too were determined and noted. It was also evident that there were differences in the level of automotive skills of the participants. Team work was essential for completing the tasks given to the participants and eventually is vital to be acclaim as winner of the competition.

With these significant accomplishment, H53E once again paved way in establishing the means to realize a sustainable program for the development of core competencies needed by the unit as it thread on the threshold of excellence as envisioned in the Army's Transformation Roadmap.