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Civil Military Operation (CMO)

During the period, the Brigade has suc­cessfully conducted and participated in various Civil Military Operations and other related activi­ties in support to the AFP IPSP Campaign Plan “Bayanihan” in its AOR, covering the islands of Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Samar and Leyte. These activities include joint Medical/Dental Civic Action (MEDCAP) together with the Local and Non-Government Units and other stakeholders. These were conducted in remote areas which contributed directly or indirectly to the socio-eco­nomic condition of our Filipino brothers wherein government’s basic services are hardly felt.

The efficient coordination of this unit and the local government led to the successful con­duct of a joint Medical and Dental services which benefited military dependents and civilian popu­lace. Thus it gains admiration and support from the local community.

The presence of Engineer Units in the Visayas Region task to deliver various types of infrastructure projects in support to government efforts on socio-economic development programs in far flung areas of the region contributed much in solving insurgency which continually hampered the country’s economic growth and stability for many decades now. The various brigade’s CMO activities have gained people’s popular support and helped promote the good image of the AFP, thereby weakens enemy’s will to fight.

The realization of these projects have transformed these communities into a place where peace and development prosper and within the reach of government’s various programs and services. In general, the brigade has contributed much in providing most of the areas in the Visayas Region to have a physically and psychologically secured environment conducive to national devel­opment.