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(AC of S for Education & Training, G8)

Aside from the regular annual training programs of the Brigade through the conduct of various In-Service, In-House and DRO Training the AC of S for Education and Training, G8 intensify partnership with TESDA Region VII for other training opportunities that could possibly benefited the personnel and dependents of the Brigade. During the 2nd quarter of CY 2014 personnel and dependents of the 53rd Engineer Brigade, Philippine Army avails Scholarship Program for CY 2014 through Technical Skills and Development Administration (TESDA) Region VII, Cebu City.  A total of ten enlisted personnel and fifteen dependents undergone Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II conducted by ELE Technical Training Center based at Barangay Gun-ob, Lapulapu City. The training is very timely and advantage wherein the school offers mobile training system to lessen the burden of participants in attending regular classes due to distance. The training was held at the 53E Multi Purpose Hall administered by the staff of ELE Technical Training Center the accredited Training Center of TESDA Region VII, Cebu City.  The classes formally started on 28 April 2014 with duration of 290 hours based on the TESDA standard program of instruction. On the other hand another training center accredited with an acronym of School of Knowledge for Industrial Labor, Leadership and Service (SKILLS) located at Gorordo Extension, Cebu City accommodated twelve enlisted personnel of the line battalions to undergone Heavy Equipment Operations Training categorized as Bulldozer, Pay Loader and Road Roller operations. The training has a duration of 168 training hours started on 05 May 2014. There are various training courses being offered by TESDA in cooperation with other accredited learning institution under the Scholarship Training Program. However, the unit selected only courses which were appropriate to the mission of the Brigade.  The training activities are part of the Command Guidance under the 17 points agenda of Higher Headquarters. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance of personnel and dependents of the Brigade by taking advantage in seeking opportunities and leveraging to other private stakeholders and government institution.




(AC of for Education and Training, G8)

Envisioning the unit capability that can derive professionalization in accordance with the Brigade thrust modernization plans is to strengthen the level of proficiency of individual soldier. Parameters for procurement system for the quality recruitment are paramount through scrutinizing credentials particularly on skills and the highest degree of educational attainment are essential. However, the reality still exists in the ranks fixing the deficiency of the skills needed in times of actual workforce. Same faces and figures had been seen in a workplace mostly are reliable and consistent to do the certain tasks of the unit. Where are the others? It isn't distressing or tolerable? Looking to the records of skills inventory of individual skills are statistically indistinct with lack of mechanism to measure their level of competency. Even for the various training they attained inside for a quite long years it seems only quantity of titles but less of quality. Maybe it's only for the sake of compliances. On this particular situation, the Brigade has maximize its effort to address perennial constraint pertains to skills enhancement and development process of personnel in order to strengthen the level of proficiency towards a professional construction unit of the Army. The AC of S for Education and Training implement initiatives to level-up the competence and development through enforcing the specific Commanders guidance as follows:

  • Upgrading of individual skills
  • Put the right man in the right job
  • Sustain the high level of discipline
  • Improved our potentials
  • Institute transparency in our internal systems and processes
  • Realize the concept of NCO empowerment
  • Leverage recognized training standards
  • Step-up stakeholder engagement.

Through partnership and collaboration between the 53rd Engineer Brigade, PA and Technical Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Region-VII has facilitated a slots for scholarship programs to the personnel of the 53RD Engineer Brigade, PA under the Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) comprising formal (organized programs as part of the school system) and non-formal (organized classes outside the school system) approaches and the all sectors are inclined for this distinct program of TESDA. Through leveraging, various trainings were undergone by the personnel particularly on Heavy Equipment Operations, Mechanics, Welder, Plumber, Electrical and Computer Hardware Maintenance started from CY 2014 and 2015. A total of Thirty Five (35) Enlisted Personnel and fifteen (15) Dependents accommodated and completed throughout the duration. The training covers assessment to qualify for the National Certificate (NC-II).

Encompasses to the TESDA and quarterly training programs of the Brigade, Innovation has no limit to modify the training standard, a series of Skills Competition has been conducted by the Brigade to measure the level of proficiency of the individual skills of personnel.  During the period, a total of eight (8) personnel from the line battalions shown their individual skills for the Automotive Mechanic and Construction Operations category wherein their finished products in making props and simulators was utilized during the conduct of Collapsed Structure Search and rescue Operations In-Service training of the Brigade.

On the other hand, the Brigade is continuously employing engagement with other stakeholders to initiate partnership that could tie-up to the training needs of the Brigade. For the month of May 2015 two (2) Memorandum of Agreement signing has been conducted by the Brigade between Cebu Automechanika Repair Shop (CAM) and Cebu Contractors Association (CCA) in collaboration with the 5TASB (Reservist). The Brigade also facilitate in front lining the renewal of MOA between the Philippine Army and the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF) to continuously take effect the mutual cooperation of the two parties in times of Calamities and Disasters.  This training activity is another significant accomplishment of the Brigade as effective endeavor to continuously build and develop the character and competencies of our personnel in line to the attainment of Army Transformation Road Map (ATR).