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What are the Things to Remember about the Brigade Inspector General?

Some military personnel thought that Inspector General in any military organization is a person in the unit who conducts examination in their respective unit during scheduled annual inspection. Although they are right, but they don't know the broad functions of the IG on how it contribute to the unit mission. Sometimes they question the authority of the IG during the conduct of IGs investigation, especially when they are the one involved. It is in this context that every engineer soldier of the brigade should remember or know some important things about the IG.
First of all, the Inspector General is a personal staff officer of the Commander, providing the Commander with a sounding board for sensitive issues. The IG is an extension of the Commander, his or her eyes, ears, and conscience. The role of the Inspector General is to determine and report on the economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, esprit de corps, readiness, and resources of the command not for once a year only, but all year round. In other words, the Inspector General is interested in every aspect of the command. He help Commanders correct problem that affect the productivity, mission accomplishment, and morale of assigned personnel, which are areas of high concern to every military leaders at all levels.
Second, the Inspector General has four basic functions which are very useful to accomplish our unit mission. These functions are;

  • Assistance – Anyone may submit a complaint or request for assistance to the brigade IG concerning matters of interest to the 53rd Engineer Brigade.
  • Inspection – IG conduct inspection at the direction of the Commander. An IG inspection may focus on organization, functions or both and may or may not be compliance oriented.
  • Investigating – IGs only conduct investigations when directed by the Commander. The investigation will focus on violations of policy or regulations. The Commander may also direct an investigation into alleged mismanagement, unethical behavior or misconduct.
  • Teaching and Training – Teaching and training is integral part of the first three functions. IGs by their very nature possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. They use this knowledge and experience when assisting, inspecting and investigating to teach soldiers at all levels about policies and procedures.

Therefore, every personnel of the Command should remember the following important things about the IG.

  • Anyone can file a complaint/request for assistance, either orally or in writing to the IG.
  • Soldiers cannot be denied access to an IG. They do not have to go through their chain of command. They do not need permission to call or see an IG. They do need to exercise common sense and they cannot leave their place of duty without permission.
  • No retribution will be taken against a soldier who submits a complaint to an IG. Anyone, however, who knowingly submits an untruthful statement to an IG can be charged under the punitive Articles of War and other existing military rules and regulations.

Now you already know the function and job of the Brigade Inspector General, let us help one another to accomplish our unit mission in more efficient and effective way, with soldiers loved by the Filipino people in every areas or places of our unit operation.

Below are some of the activities undertaken by the Office of the Brigade Inspector General in connections with the four basic functions as mentioned above;