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The 53rd Engineer Brigade, PA, in the Visayas which is called the Builders has a widest and largest vision and mission to serve people in the whole Visayas Region consisting with Four (4) different line Battalions and one (1) Service Company. The Office of Brigade Provost Marshal and its mandated mission with different task and function to direct in the investigation of offenses and violations primarily associated with the maintenance of discipline, law, order and regulations. The Office of Brigade Provost Marshal also in charged to investigates vehicular accident, traffic violations and complaints of civilians against brigade personnel, and the implementation of directives, policies, law and order imposed by higher headquarters. Some times this Office encountered a lot of problems but it does not affect to the accomplishment of this office since from the beginning until to date. Based on the record of this office reckoned from 29 October 2013, there are sixty six (66) received and resolved cases with five (5) pending case for legal opinion, andimplementation of directives, policies, law and order imposed by the Command and other GOs.Moreover, one hundred nine (109) non-pending case clearances were issued to military personnel for their application for loan, retirement, and other purposes. Furthermore, this office Conducted Troops Information and Education (TI&E), lectures to newly assigned 93 Privates, and lectures during Reenlistment of personnel this brigade.

In coordination with the concerned Staff of the Brigade, the OBPM to implement the objectives, policies, plans, programs and projects to enhance professionalism in the Brigade as follows:

  1. Conduct comprehensive and integrated Investigation courses/seminaror training   programs of the latest trends and practices for career and personnel development for those involved with the maintenance of    discipline, law, order and regulations.
  2. Investigate and monitor violations of the law and the rules and regulations, and other personnel anomalies and irregularities.
  3. Review, amend and/or revise investigation procedure of field- based investigation.
  4. Delegate the conduct of investigation of administrative cases file.
  5. Effect the arrest of criminal offenders; pursue an intensive and unrelenting campaign against the trafficking and use of dangerous drugs and other similar activities.

Toward this end, the OBPM will place within easy reach and access of the Stakeholders to ensure within the context of a maximum contribution to the office’s mandates of prompt, impartial, and fair investigation of offenses and violations for thefinal decision of the case.