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53rd Engineer Brigade Mission

"To provide general engineer support to Philippine Army units and contribute to the national development programs of the government"

53rd Engineer Brigade Mission (ISO)

“To undertake peace and development projects in the Visayas to support the CENTCOM’s ISO objectives and the government’s peace and development initiatives”

53rd Engineer Brigade Vision

"A professional, capable and reliable catalyst for peace and development in the Visayas region"

53rd Engineer Brigade Function/Specific Tasks

  • Provide mobility, counter-mobility and survivability in support to the Philippine Army units.
  • Provide Engineer construction units in the construction and development of division, brigade and battalion camps, training facilities, transient facilities, AFP Housing projects and other bases of the Philippine Army.
  • Implement civil works projects in support to nation building.
  • Assist unit (s) performing the lead role in disaster response to include relief , rescue and rehabilitation operations.
  • Supervise indigenous personnel and contract labors in undertaking contract projects.
  • Sustain mission-essential and livelihood training activities.
  • Assist local government and other agencies in the preservation of natural resources and maintenance of ecological balance.
  • Implement Unit and Individual Training Program.
  • Adopt and institutionalize good practices in management, operation and support system.
  • Enhance the HR, IHL, and Rule of Law advocacy campaign.