Sometimes in 1976, the unit was activated as Forward Support Point under the supervision of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Logistics Command (AFPLC). In 1977, it was designated as Military Support Point 2 (MSP2) in line with the regionalization concept of AFPLC pursuant to GO Nr 6 HAFLC dated 3 March 1978.

In 1992, the unit along with other MSP’s was absorbed by the Philippine Army from the AFPLC pursuant to section 1, GO Nr 120 HPA dated 18 February 1992. It was subsequently renamed as the 2nd Forward Service Support Unit (2FSSU) under the administrative and operational control of the then Service Support Brigade, Philippine Army now Army Support Ccommand effective 01 February 1992. From that time on, the unit took over the responsibilities and functions of said MSP2 and served as the supply pipe line of the Philippine Army supporting Hqs 5th Infantry Division, Three (3) Infantry Brigades, Seven (7) Infantry Battalions, One (1) Cadre Battalion, Three (3) Reconnaissance Company, Three (3) Combat Support Units and Five (5) Combat Service Support Units.

The unit is located inside Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz (ANNEX), Soyung, Echague, Isabela occupying more than three (3) hectares of flat terrain which houses the Admin Headquarters, Officers and EP Barracks, Two (2) storage warehouses, maintenance building and ammo magazine.

Published by: OG6, ASCOM, PA