It was in 11 July 1972 when the 3rd Military Area Supply Point was activated then under the supervision of the defunct AFP Logistics Command. Several years later, 3MASP was renamed 7th Military Supply Point (3MSP) and a year after its renaming, Forward Support Point (FSP) was established in Tanjay, Negros Oriental, a move to bring logistics services in the field units.

12 June 1988, the number designations of MSP's and FSP’s were changed to conform with the political subdivisions of the country that also brought about the creation of the Regional Unified Commands RUC’s.

In 1992, eight (8) regional Military Supply Points of AFPLC was absorbed by the Philippine Army except those that were located with the area commands in Tarlac, Cebu City, Lucena City and Zamboanga City. On 16 March 1992, 7MSP was again renamed MSP Cebu. On 16 January 1998, MSP Cebu was absorbed also by the Army Support Command.

It was on 01 April 2005 that MSP Cebu was renamed 7th Forward Service Support Unit and remained under the administrative supervision of ASCOM.

Published by: OG6, ASCOM, PA