In may 1947, the Republic Memorial Cemetery was established as a fitting tribute to the gallant men who brought honor to the country and died for the sake of freedom and independence.

Our fallen heroes shall always be remembered. Their country shall continue to honor them for even if they can no longer participate in the routine of daily life, what they had left and died for shall continuously be enjoyed by the very people they have sworn to serve.

May 1947 – establishment of the Republic Memorial Cemetery.
27 October 1954 – renaming of the memorial cemetery to Libingan ng mga Bayani.
28 May 1967 – allocation of 142 hectares from the Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation under the administration of the Military Shrines Service.
19 July 1975 – QM Graves Registration Company was organized as an AFP-Wide Services Support Unit.
26 Jan 1977 – PD No 1076 (Pres Marcos) abolished the National Shrines Commission and Military Shrines Services was activated taking over the functions of the NSC pertaining to military memorials.
01 Oct 1990 – QMGRC was upgraded to QM Graves Registration Unit.
23 Feb 1998 – QMGRU was deactivated and GSU was activated as a major subordinate unit of ASCOM. Grave Services Unit – present administrator of the LNMB.


To provide grave services to deceased AFP and authorized non-military personnel, and to maintain LNMB to include other military grave sites.

  • Provides mortuarial and memorial services to deceased AFP and authorized non-military personnel.
  • Maintains LNMB and other military grave sites at Camp Hernandez, Dingle, Iloilo and Manila North Cemetery Laloma, Quezon City.

Published by: OG6, ASCOM, PA