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imgOn February 8, 1954, the 1st Engineer Construction Group (ECG) was organized and activated pursuant to General Orders No. 62, GHQ, AFP. It established its headquarters at an area in Libis, Quezon City alongside Marikina River in a place known as Santolan Barracks. On the late part of February 1954, the 510th Engineer Light Equipment Company was administratively and operationally attached to 1ECG. With the AFP’s Revitalized Program, this Construction Group was reorganized on December 2, 1957 and redesignated as 511th Engineer Construction Group (511ECG).

The laudable performance of the 511th Engineer Construction Group impressed the national leadership that the AFP can very well undertake projects of the administration. Conceiving a plan to harness the military in support to the implementation of the government’s socioeconomic program, the President of the Republic of the Philippines announced his concept and desire on the matter in a joint session of Congress in 1966. This paved way for the deactivation of the 511ECG and subsequent activation of the 51st Engineer Brigade, Philippine Army on 15 July 1966 pursuant to General Orders Number 12, GHQ, AFP dated 15 July 1966.

The evolution of the 51st Engineer Brigade, Philippine Army as a potent force for socioeconomic development continuously from generations to generations and has been given recognition for its enormous yearly accomplishments that were worth million of pesos. Even scarce resource, both manpower and equipment, one would marvel on what the Brigade is capable of. It has undertaken various projects not only in the entire Philippine archipelago but also when it sent a contingent to the United Nations when it participated as member of PHILCAG undertaking civic action projects in Vietnam.

imgPresently, the 51st Engineer Brigade areas of operation encompass National Capital Region and Southern Luzon area and has three Engineer Construction Battalions and one Maintenance Battalion namely: 564th Engineer Construction Battalion, which was activated 1 November 1968 pursuant to General Orders Number 68, H51E dated 1 November 1968 and presently lohen it secated in Camp Eldridge, Los Baņos, Laguna; the 565th Engineer Construction Battalion activated on 16 May 1985 by virtue of General Orders Number 17, H51E dated 16 May 1985, and stationed at Camp Wenee Martillana, Pili, Camarines Sur, the 514th Engineer Construction Battalion which was transferred back to the Brigade last 01 August 2008 pursuant to General Orders Number 382, HPA dated 16 July 2008; and the Engineer Maintenance and Support Battalion (Provisional) which was activated pursuant to General Orders Numbers 174, H51E on 02 November 1988.

Acknowledged as the Philippine Army’s pioneer engineer brigade and a reliable partner in national development it contributed a lot to unique modern construction and craftsmanship. Eighty percent of the low and high end Infrastructure projects in the leading AFP camps was constructed by the Brigade.

A key factor in the management of Brigade is the leadership which is supported by a disciplined, honest, God-centered, healthy, and united personnel.

We congratulate ourselves, foremost our commander BGEN FELIZARDO A SIMOY AFP on the occasion of 43RD Anniversary. We wish our success in all endeavors!