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Sgt Adelino A Agoot (CE) PA


All unit commanders’, staff officers, dependents and civilian employees of the brigade paid their new year’s call to the Commander, 51EBde, BGEN FELIZARDO A SIMOY AFP on January 2010.

The New Year’s Call is a military tradition wherein staff officers and commanders from line units show up before a commanding general to renew their professional bond and commitment to the craft of soldiery.

In his new year’s speech, General Simoy reminded his officers and men that the 51EBde had taken great strides in professionalizing the Command, posting accomplishments that could have not been achieved without the entire Army engineers working as a team.

For the past year, General Simoy said, the 51EBde continued its dedication to its mission of support to the AFP’s anti insurgency operations nationwide while at the same time supporting the government’s national development efforts. He also acknowledged the search and rescue missions conducted during calamities, especially the recent typhoon “Ondoy”.

He reminded that in 2009, the Team 51st did not revert to the non moral attitudes which the entire command worked hard to correct, urging everyone to continue the thrust towards a more morally upright Army engineer family.

Among the officers who paid their call to the Commander were Col R.Demosthenes C Santillan, the Deputy Commander; Col Nazario L Lira, the Chief of Staff and G-Staff officers and their respective dependents. .