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imgMay 20, 2010, Libis, Quezon City- The Bicol base 565th Engineer Construction Battalion of the 51st Engineer Brigade, PA has added new more completed Kalayaan Barangay Projects (KBP) of Farm to Market Road. The project was began in year 2005 and completed last April 2010. The journey that took so long of the project completion was due to the winning delinquent supplier that had not satisfactorily completed the project because of threat from the local terrorist. Accordingly, criminal case was filed by Procurement Service, AFP to offending supplier for proper charges.

The implementation of the KBP projects was made possible with the newly approved revised plans and specifications. Lt Col Aguinaldo I Ordoņez CE (GSC) PA, recently installed Battalion commander of 565th Engineer Construction Battalion determined to accomplish the job because the project had urgent timetable. With hard work, determination and teamwork the achievements in the completion of KBP Farm to market Road projects was finally made.

The newly completed KBP projects include prominent feature which are; slope protection and drainage pipelines namely:

1) Barangay Balite, Guinobatan, Albay- 2.86 kilometer Road opening

2) Barangay Suguian, Donsol, Sorsogon- 3.50 kilometers Road opening

3) Barangay Pood, Guinobatan, Albay – 3.20 kilometers Rehabilitation and Road opening The full completion of KBP Farm to Market Road will provide a continuous corridor for the sustainable socio-economic growth in this part of the Bicol region.