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59th Infantry Battalion

LIGHT BLUE - this color is superimposed as the background of unit seal. It represents the unity and camaraderie among the members of the unit. It also represents the unit's adherence to the cherished noble tradition of the men in uniform.

YELLOW - This color represent the unit's adaptability to any critical situation as will as loyalty and devotion in upholding the flag and Philippine constitution.

RED - It connotes the unyielding courage and bravery of all officers and men that composed this unit. it displays an undying will to crush all threats that can disturb the security of the state and our people.

BLUE - The unit's designation is colored blue to denote the unit's quest for eternal peace and tranquility of our country. It also represents the unending desire to attain and maintain a true genuine democracy guided by the principles of justice and equality.

GREEN - The color of the laurel embracing the unit designation represents the unit humble contribution to our nation's progress and development. It also implied the unit continuous desire to further upgrade the quality of its service rendered to our people.

THUNDER CAT - This symbolizes fierceness in combat of every individual soldier that belongs to the unit. It also shows the extension of the right hand effort of the unit in accomplishing its mission.

LAUREL LEAF - symbolizes the untiring effort of bringing fame, honor and glory not only for the battalion but for the AFP as a whole. It further represents knowledge, wisdom and professionalism.

SHIELD - It represents the officers and men of the unit and its strength and commitment as "PROTECTOR" of our country and people.

THE 59TH INFANTRY (PROTECTOR) BATTALION was organized in August of 1986 with the objective of having a dedicated unit to represent the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the RP US BALIKATAN EXERCISE '86. While undergoing training in preparation for the said exercise, the unit was placed under the operational control of 202ND Bde to be the contingency battalion of 2ID, PA. The unit was tasked to secure camp capinpin and participate in other operation as directed.

On 01 November 1986, the unit move to Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija, to continue its training for BALIKATAN '86. and from 04-16 December same year, 59IB represented the AFP in the said exercise. The Battalion performed its given task very well; thus earning commendation from the AFP and the US Armed Forces for its splendid performance.

On 20 January 1987, the 59IB was formally activated pursuant to General Orders Number 90 GHQ, AFP dated 05 February1987. The unit was assigned to 2ND Infantry Division, PA with FORMER LTCOL GENEROSO S SENGA (INF) PA as its first Commanding Officer.

After the activation ceremony, the unit was place OPCON to 203RD Brigade and moved from Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal. To its new AOR covering towns of Lopez and Calauag both of Quezon province.

After almost three (3) months on its AOR, the unit was placed OPCON to 202ND Brigade. It move out from Lopez and Calauag on April 1987 then occupied the new aor covering the towns of Infanta, Real, Gen Nakar, Pollilio Island and other nearby municipalities all of Quezon. The Headquarters and Headquarters Service Company and one (1) Rifle company were airlifted to the Infanta, Burdeos, and Pollilio Island to contain the threat posed by the New Peoples Army in the area. However, one of its companies at Camp Capinpin to be the contingency unit of 2ID, PA due to black saturday incident that happened at HPA. The remaining troops were left at 202ND Brigade to continuously participate in combat while awaiting orders to proceed to its new AOR.

On 05 August 1987, The unit was able to consolidate and operate as a whole when its alpha coy was pulled out from Mindoro island. correspondingly, it include the municipality of real, Quezon in its AOR, while on September 1987, Charlie Company was move from Pollilo island to Gen Nakar, Quezon to intensify the unit's operation in the northern part of the AOR.

Unfortunately, the unit was unfilled effective 01 July 1991 pursuant to General Orders numbers 229, HPA dated 12 April 1991 until 15 May 2000.

On 23 May 2000, The 2ND Infantry Division, PA held a significant and meaningful ceremony; the refilling of 59TH Infantry (PROTECTOR) Battalion as per HPA General Orders Number 532 dated 16 May 2000.

The nucleus of the unit was formed from the defunct 49IB, which was fulled out from Mindoro island and brought to Camp Capinpin to undergo battalion retraining starting 7 April 2000. Bravo Company however, remained in Romblon Island as part of security forces for government infrastructure project. In the process the unit was acquired several names from provisional battalion to reconnaissance battalion then into the regular battalion, the 59TH Infantry (PROTECTOR) Battalion.

While undergoing retraining the battalion as the rapid deployment force of 2ID, PA was placed OPCON to task force panther.

On 29 June 2000 The Philippine Army chose the battalion to participate in the annual joint exercise with the Malaysian Army. in this event, the officers and key personnel of the battalion were relocated to the Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija to participate in the exercise land malphi 02 / 2000 conducted from 29 June 2000 to 06 July 2000 at the Headquarters Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) PA.

Armed with renewed confidence, 59IB was eager to go beyond the battle board and prove it mettle in its next area of deployment.

After its retraining at Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal the battalion was placed OPCON to Task Force Banahaw under COL JOVITO PALPARAN on 09 September 2000. This serve as the unit's test mission after undergoing retraining. The unit conducted ISO at Mauban, Quezon and Nagcarlan, Laguna.

The 59IB, being the contingency force of the 2ND Infantry (JUNGLE FIGTHER) Division was deployed in Sulu Province on 21 September 2000 to address the prevailing crisis in the area. The Battalion was place under the operational control of then Task Group "A" joint Task Force Trident that later on become 104TH Brigade of 1ST Division.

On 21 September 2000, 59TH Infantry (PROTECTOR) Battalion Arrived At Camp Bautista, Busbus, Sulu. Among the significant accomplishments of the battalion was the rescue of Evangelist Wilde Almeda And The Eleven (11) Jesus Miracle Crusade Prayer Warriors.

After its successful stint in Mindanao, The 59th Infantry (PROTECTOR) Battalion has undergone reorientation seminar on 16-26 April 2001 at 2ID, Camp Mateo Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal prior to its redeployment in its new aor in Southern Luzon.

On 27 April 2001, The 59th Infantry (Protector) Battalion was task to be one of the contingents of the 2ND Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division to address the prevailing crisis in the national capital region. The battalion was placed under the operation control of joint Task Force Libra where it participated in the successful defense of Malacañang during the may first incident.

In support the mission of Philippine Army and the AFP, The 59th Infantry (PROTECTOR) Battalion was task to be one of the contingents of 2ND Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division to address the prevailing crisis in the national capital region.

The battalion was placed under the operational control of JTF Libra and was renamed TG "PLACED SHIELD" ON 03 May 2001.

The PROTECTORS proceeded to Malacañang Palace. With THE mission of defending the seat of government form anyone who wanted to overthrow it.

Subsequently the unit goes back to Quezon before it was chosen to assume administrative control of all CAA Coys Calabarzon and Mimaropa Islands pursuant to PARA II AND III GO# 20 HQS PHIL ARMY dated 15 Jan 04 on 01 Jan 04.

On 25 August 2004, pursuant to PARA I General Order Number 317 HQS Phil Army dated 28 June 2004, The 23RD Special Forces Company, SFR(A), SOCOM, pa was deactivated and activated to compose the Delta Company of 59TH Cadre Bn. The Bn HQS located at Brgy Antipolo, Rizal, Laguna became the temporary home of the protectors before it transferred to its present location in Brgy Lumingon, Tiaong, Quezon


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