77th Infantry Battalion (Cadre)


Battalion COmmander



01 Sep 1972-01 Oct 1975

LTC RAUL MARQUEZ O-94863(INF) PA01 Oct 1975-16 Jan 1976
MAJ RENATO GACIAS O-96830 (INF) PA16 Jan 1976-01 Mar 1977
LTC HENRY LIMENA (INF) PA01 Mar 1977-20 Sep 1977
LTC RAUL MARQUEZ O-94863 (INF) PA20 Sep 1977-01 Dec 1979
LTC DOMINADOR A OLIVEROS O-97076 (SC) PA11 Dec 1979-18 Nov 1982
LTC SALVADOR C CALIMAG O-96572 (INF) PA18 Nov 1982-16 Aug 1983
MAJ EDDIE CEREZO O-101587 (SC) PA16 Aug 1983-25 Aug 1983
LTC PRIMER ASPRER O-6574 (INF) PA25 Aug 1983-01 Sep 1984
MAJ EUSEBIO P RAMOS O-101240 (INF) PA01 Sep 1984-28 Aug 1986
LTC RAFAEL I GALVEZ O-5870 INF (GSC) PA28 Aug 1986-16 Dec 1987
MAJ EDDIE CEREZO 101587 (SC) PA16 Dec 1987-16 Jan 1988
LTC RAFAEL I GALVEZ O-5870 INF (GSC) PA16 Jan 1988-31 Jan 1989
CPT LAURO GARDULA O-110353 (INF) PA01 Feb 1989-19 Feb 1989
MAJ JUANITO S BUSTALES O-103531 (INF) PA20 Feb 1989-20 Feb 1990
LTC ESTEPHEN L PARAZO O-5695 (QMS) PA21 Feb 1990-15 Aug 1990
MAJ LAMBERTO E BARTIDO O-103037 (INF) PA16 Aug 1990-17 Aug 1990
MAJ PATERNO ESCUDERO O-6724 (FA) PA18 Aug 1990-20 Aug 1991
LTC GIL B MALAMUG JR O-6303 (INF) PA21 Aug 1991-10 Feb 1992
MAJ PEDRO T BAYANI O-10623 (INF) PA11 Feb 1992-04 Sep 1993
LTC ALFREDO S OLIVEROS O-6250 INF (MNSA) PA05 Sep 1993-05 Sep 1994
LTC RUDY T GULIGADO O-7050 INF (GSC) PA06 Sep 1994-17 Mar 1996
MAJ EDUARDO S PINZON O-106018 (FA) PA18 Mar 1996-18 Mar 1997
LTC ROLANDO B TENEFRANCIA O-7969 INF PA19 Mar 1997-23 Jul 1998
LTC FLORANTE V OCCENA O-103180 (INF) PA23 Jul 1998-06 Sep 1999
LTC FELIX F CALIMAG O-105989 (INF) PA07 Sep 1999-15 Aug 2000
LTC VIRGILIO V LOPEZ O-110925 (INF) PA15 Aug 2000-01 Nov 2001
LTC RUY D FABROS 111796 (FA) PA01 Nov 2001-30 Nov 2002
MAJ JOSE P TOLIBAS O-108902 (INF) PA01 Dec 2002-30 Sep 2003
LTC ALEXANDER G ABOGADO O-112717 INF (GSC) PA30 Sep 2003-03 Sep 2004
COL CELSO M ARCILLA O-109642 INF (GSC) PA03 Sep 2004-05 Sep 2005
LTC PABLO L LIWAN JR O-8836 INF (GSC) PA05 Sep 2005-28 Apr 2006
LTC ALEXANDER G ABOGADO O-112717 INF (GSC) PA28 Apr 2006-18 Jul 2006
LTC LEOPOLDO R GALON JR O-9690 INF (GSC) PA18 Jul 2006-19 Feb 2007
LTC ELIAS H ESCARCHA JR O-9544 INF (GSC) PA20 Feb- 11 Jul 2007
LTC LORETO C MAGUNDAYAO JR O-9662 CAV (GSC) PA 12 Jul 2007-30 Jun 2008


The unit is the former 16th Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade (Separate) Philippine Army organized in 1972. It conducted security operations against the communist and secessionist movements in the Provinces of Zamboanga, Lanao, Cotabato, Bukidnon, Quezon and Bicol Region. During its stint in Mindanao, the unit was adjudged “Model Battalion” of the AFP pursuant to General Order Nr 85, HCECOM dated 11 Sep 1980.

The Battalion was absorbed by the First Scout Ranger Regiment, Philippine Army in 1983. Consequently, the unit’s name was changed to Mountain Battalion, 1st SRR, PA. It became the striking force of HPA that conducted security operations against the local communist in Isabela, Abra, Cagayan, Kalinga and Apayao. During this period, the unit surfaced as the only Battalion in the history of the AFP that crossed the jungles of Sierra Madre from Dingalan, Quezon to Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City for the period 02 to 08 April 1984. Moreover, during the conduct of CPX at Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila, it earned a rating of “Outstanding” in the Field Training Exercise (FTX). Also, the unit was responsible for the neutralization of a significant number of NPA rebels including the recovery of their firearms and other logistics.

The unit was once more renamed to 4th Scout Ranger Battalion, 1st Scout Ranger Regiment Philippine Army. It operated in the provinces of Surigao Del Sur, Davao, Bulacan and finally in all provinces of Region 02. Later, it was placed OPCON to 502nd Bde, 5ID, PA on 19 January 1989. It was tasked to conduct combat operations in all provinces of Region 02. It was responsible for the seizures of a number of CPP/NPA camps and the neutralization of a number of CT’s and the recovery of a number of their firearms and logistics.
Among these Camps was the Regional Operational Command – Dulong Hilagang Luzon at Paco Valley in Apayao. On 02 December 1989, 4SRB was absorbed by 5ID, PA pursuant to section II, General Order Nr 542 HPA dated 21 December 1989. The unit was renamed 77th Infantry Battalion, 5ID, PA and was placed OPCON to 502nd Bde. The unit was designated as National Maneuvering Force of the AFP.

On May 1991, the unit in coordination with ISG, PA conducted intelligence operation which resulted to the capture of Remigio Tebia Aka Wandag. Secretary of Western Isabela Front Committee(WIFC); Milagros Melandres Aka Tala/Waling assistant secretary of WIFC, Antonio Pacis, Aka Pablo/Tagbat – CO, unit Commando of WIFC and Abraham Umabi Aka Roy, liaison and courier of WIFC.

In April 1993, the unit conducted joint combat operations with 5th SRC, FSRR, PA at Sitio Winingit, Dicamay Uno, Jones, Isabela and encountered the 1st National Battalion that resulted to the killing of Alberto Asuncion @ Valor/RX, the Battalion Commander and Rogelio Barbosa @ Charry/Bagnus, Vice Commander 1st National Battalion of the Far North Luzon Regional Committee. More than this, a significant number of assorted firearms were recovered from the Dissident Terrorists.

Under this situation, top NPA cadres who recently surrendered to the military and civilians from the NPA “Consolidated Areas” now claim that they are being feared by the NPA’s.

Though the conduct of CMO is not the forte of the Battalion as its basic orientation is combat and intelligence operations. In 1997, the Division embarked on integrated CIVAC, whereby resources of LGU’s, LGA’s, NGO’s and the AFP were pooled together to undertake community based delivery of basic and quality services to the folks. The Battalion was fortunate to spearhead the implementation after its pilot launching by the Division. Numerous Integrated CIVAC were conducted within 77IB AOR that benefited thousands of civilian populace. This integrated CIVAC paved the way to the surrender of a number of NPA and foster camaraderie and healthier relationship between the military and civilian sector in the area. This encourages the civilians to reveal reliable information utilized by the unit in its Internal Security Operations (ISO).

Acting on an information gathered by civilian assets, on January 1998, elements of this unit raided an NPA camp at Sitio Dialanis,Villa Gracia, Maddela, Quirino Province that resulted to the killing of Sofronio Ybanez @ Igan, Assistant Front Secretary of the Nueva Viscaya, Quirino, San Agustin Front Committee (NVQSAFC) and the captured of Jaqueline Duran @ Rolwe, Sammy Guway @ Ricky and the recovery of two (2) M16 rifles, one (1) M14 rifle, one (1) hand grenade, one (1) ICOM radio and voluminous subversive documents with high intelligence value.

Again, acting on additional information regarding NPA presence at Barangay Bautista, San Agustin, Isabela, the troops operated and resulting to the recovery of two (2) M16 rifles and voluminous subversive documents.

Follow-up operations conducted in Nueva Viscaya based on the captured documents from @ Igan resulted in the recovery of one (1) M203, six (6) M16 rifles, four (4) M14 rifles, one (1) Cal. 45 Pistol, one (1) .38 cal. Revolver, one (1) spring field, one (1) Shotgun and four (4) ICOM radio and voluminous subversive documents with high intelligence value.

Relatively, in coordination with ISG, 19th MICO 1 AMIG, G2, 502nd Bde and 5ID, the unit launched an intelligence operation. On 09 April 98, Felicidad Fernandez @Maria/Viz, secretary of Nueva Viscaya Quirino San Agustin Front Committee and party husband Clemente Domingo @ Gaud/Cibu, CO of the front operational command, NVOSAFC were arrested in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan on the basis of warrant of arrest issued by Judge Ma. Teresa dela Tore-Yadao, RTC of Quirino. With these series of accomplishments, NVOSA front committee is in precarious situation and it is expected that the whole front will collapse in due time.

In the third and fourth quarter of 1998, follow-up operations conducted in Quirino Province resulted in the recovery of two (2) M16 rifle and one (1) improvised BAR.

Due to its overwhelming accomplishments and known for its good performance. The Battalion moved on 10 March 1999 vacating San Agustin , Isabela to Headquarters 6ID, PA, Awang, Datu Odin, Sinsuat, Maguindanao.

On 13 April 1999, the Battalion assumed the former AOR of 64IB, 6ID, PA, namely; Aleosan, Alamada, Banisilan, Midsayap and Libungan all of North Cotabato Province. The Battalion is placed OPCON to 603rd Bde and stationed at Poblacion, Aleosan, North Cotabato. During the short period, the unit was able to implement a very successful Social Reform Agenda – Community Assistance on Rural Empowerment and Service program at Brgy Guiling, Alamada, North Cotabato on 11-12 May 1999. On 26 May 1999 joint elements of 77IB and PNP Midsayap arrested a suspected drug dealer at Poblacion Midsayap, North Cotabato.

Addressing the COIN Campaign, on the third quarter of 1999, the unit launched offensive operations against two hundred (200) MILF force under @ Commander Rambo who attacked the two (2) barangays of Midsayap North Cotabato, Gayunga and Labio. The gun battle resulted to the KIA of ten (10) MILF members as attested by the hostages. WIA includes Commander Rambo and the two barangays were cleared on 180600H February 2000.

On 02 April 2000, the Battalion was redeployed to the island of Jolo and Tawi-tawi replacing the 9th Marine Battalion Landing Team as a result of the Sipadan hostage crisis. During the proliferation of the terroristic activities especially the ASG, as 5ID’s contingent to the Southern Philippines, the unit was able to contribute a lot in neutralizing the Abu Sayyaf Group. Significant of this was the rescue of Mr Schiling, a US citizen who was hostaged by the group, the recovery of one (1) motorcycle being used by the Abu Sayyaf, one (1) speed boat double engine with 750 horse power, recovery of high powered firearms and a Russian made Night Vision Guggle (NVG).

After a year of stint in the Island of Tausogs, on 29 March 2001, the unit returned back to its Headquarters, 5ID, PA Upi, Gamu, Isabela. However, after a short period with the mother unit, the Battalion was again ordered to move and further placed OPCON to 7ID, PA based at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija serving as the Division Striking Force in Central Luzon. At this time the unit was instrumental in the recovery of the abandoned NPA camp in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija and the capture of five (5) target personalities during the ambushed of 70IB, 7ID in Aurora Province.

On 15 August 2001 the unit have seen action in the National Capital Region (NCR) and placed OPCON with Task Force LIBRA securing the seat of the Government (Malacañang) and its immediate vital installation during the “EDSA 2” which at that time was threatened for sabotage. The Battalion Hqs was based at Veterans Memorial Hospital in Quezon City to secure the ousted President Joseph Estrada.

On 05 September 2001, as volatile situation arose in the Province of Basilan, the unit was ordered to moved in Isabela, Basilan Province to reinforce units in the area in tracking down the Abu Sayyaf and rescue the DOS PALMAS HOSTAGES. Significant accomplishment were the recovery of one (1) Cal 50 HMG with defaced serial number at Brgy Makiri, Lantawan, Basilan and one 60 mm Mortar with rounds of ammunition, one (1) medical supplies and rescue of the four (4) hostages namely Joel Guillo, Reynaldo Ariston, Ruben Valdisanos and Rodrigo Solan. Likewise, on 06 January 2002 a certain Idjan Lambuyot @ Amir member of the Abu Sayyaf Group surrendered to this unit with his 30 M1 garand rifle at Sitio Limbo Candis, Sumisip, Basilan.

On 12 January 2002, the unit returned back to 5ID, its mother unit, and subsequently occupied the municipalities of Enrile, Piat, Tuao, Rizal all of Cagayan Province and Pinukpuk ,Rizal and eastern part of Balbalan Kalinga Province and the Municipalities of Conner and Kabugao of Apayao Province, the former AOR of 48IB.

On 25 January 2002, acting on the information received, the unit spearheaded the conduct of intelligence operations leading to the surrender of six (6) NPA members namely: Bernabe Wigan @ Abe, Roman Malaggay @ Rudy, Efren Daogas, Randy Balotoc, Romeo Baguolingan and Rodolfo Gulayan native of Brgy Ballayangon, Pinukpuk, Kalinga. Said CT’s were all members of the Samahang Yunit Kilusang Masa (SYKM 300) of the Kalinga Front Committee under Rudy Daguitan @ Ruso with two (2) M16 rifles.

With this excellent accomplishments, the unit likewise conducted several CIVAC and CARES activity within AOR that paved the way to the voluntary surrender of Warlito Balanay Y Dela Cruz @ Wawi/Aster/Angal/Marvin and wife Salud Balanay Y Apadan @Hazel both of lie low status with one (1) M16 rifle and one (1) pocket Sigint computer.The couple belongs to the dismantled Vergel Command of the Northern Luzon Party Committee that operates in the area of Cagayan, Apayao Province in the early 90’s. Additionally the voluntary surrender of Jomar Baloran Y Pinpin @ Bray at Gagabutan, Rizal, Cagayan.

On 19 November 2002, the Battalion assisted PNP Recom 02 in the recovery of one (1) ELF vehicle with plate number WCD 799 and the apprehension of four (4) Identified suspects, namely Mario Castillejo of Brgy Culong, Tuao East, Cagayan Zosimo Dayagon and Jojo Tumbali of Brgy Bagbag and Virgilio Sanidad of Macutay both of Rizal, Kalinga in the hold-up incident that transpired at Brgy Barangcuag,Tuao, Cagayan. Aside from other items like camera, cellphone, clothes, shoes, bag pack and other items amounting to Php 88,000.00, the group carted away one hundred fifty five thousand pesos (P155,000.00) cash and abducted Barangay Councilman Andres Joson.

During the massive operations conducted by the unit at Barangay Baay, Pinukpuk, Kalinga, from December 2002 to June 2003 and continuous conduct of SOT operations at Zinundungan Valley, it resulted to the capture of Elino Maling OB listed and member of SYKM 300, KFC at Sitio Apa, Barangay Baay, Pinukpuk, Kalinga. Surrender of fifteen (15) Danilo Ben Front through SOT operations at Barangay San Juan and Bural, Rizal, Cagayan and recovery of three (3) improvised landmines at Sitio Mabaca, Balbalan, Kalinga and recovered one M16 rifle at Barangay Baay, Pinukpuk, Kalinga and the recovery of five (5) live round of 60mm Mortar Ammunition.

On 28 July 2003, joint operations were conducted by this unit and the Solana Municipal Police at Brgy Bagbag, Rizal, Kalinga to the suspects of kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention with case NR 961 filed at Municipal Trial Court (MTC) of Tuao, Province of Cagayan.

Due to its various and overwhelming accomplishments and expertise in the Field of Administration and Intel-operations, on 16 December 2003, 77th Infantry Battalion was designated as the CAFGU Active Auxillary CADRE Battalion of the 5th Infantry Division pursuant to General Order #570 H5ID, PA dated 28 November 2003, placed organic to the Division and its elements are placed OPCON to the Tactical Brigade, which are further OPCON to the maneuver Battalions.

From its previous location at Sitio Turayok, Brgy Banban, Conner, Apayao the unit moved at the former RCDG Compound, Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela on 28 March 2004 and assumed administrative responsibility over all CAA companies within the division AOR.

After a series of successful Intel-operations in the area and aggressiveness in addressing the Counter-Insurgency Campaign Plan on 23 January 2004, intelligence operatives this unit with elements of 31st Apayao CAAC while on combat operations discovered an enemy camps without enemy resistance, recovered one (1) homemade Springfield rifle, one (1) trigger housing group assembly of M14 rifle, one (1) dynamo, one (1) Mag for M14, one 12 volt wet cell battery and a red streamer of the CTs Sibbaluca Brigade in a reported CT Cache at vicinity Barangay Poguin, Conner, Apayao. On the other hand on 05 February 2004, intelligence operatives and elements from 22nd APCAAC while on strike operation discovered and recovered without enemy resistance three (3) homemade shotgun and one (1) homemade pistolized M16 in a makeshift at vic brgy Namaltungan, Calanasan, Apayao. Additionally from 2nd to 4th quarter of CY 2004, the unit was able to neutralize four (4) lawless elements, six 6 CT personalities and on intel operations, the unit recovered two (2) M653, two (2) M16 rifle, one (1) M14 rifle, two (2) garand rifles, two (2) carbine rifle and voluminous subversive documents. Likewise on 01 Jan 05 the unit confiscated 56 pcs in bricks form estimated 56 kilos of dried marijuana leaves, apprehended one (1) cattle rustler. On the other hand, intelligence operations contributed to the surrender of 12 assorted LPFAs and neutralized four (4) lawless elements. To upgrade the capability of individual soldier in handling CAA, this unit conducted Fifteen (15) Cadre seminar with a total of 248 students, forty four (44) CAA refresher training with a total of 2,120 students and eleven (11) BCMT training with a total of 1,744 students.

On 270800 August 05, again the unit moved from its former location CMFDC, Upi, Gamu, Isabela to Sitio Tactac, Brgy Puncan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija, relieving in place elements of Bravo Company, 54IB, PA. In addition to its primary mission as CADRE Bn, the unit secures the main supply route from San Jose City to Sta Fe, Nueva Viscaya.

On January 2006 elements of HHQs Coy encountered more or less 10 CTs at vic Brgy Minuli, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija that resulted to the recovery of one (1) M16 rifle and subsequently the following day Elizaldy Ligado aka Zaldy of Pltn Charlie, F1, NEPCOM voluntarily surrendered at Bn HQs.

On 28 January 2007 while conducting RC/CP at vic Brgy Bantay, Tabuk, Kalinga, elements this unit confiscated 68 bricks form of dried marijuana. Likewise on 280200 March 2007 illegally cut logs was also confiscated while conducting check point at vic 51QUA 3505 Brgy Sta Maria, Flora, Apayao consisting of 2,860 board ft.

On 022200 January 2007 personnel of Macutay detachment of Rizal, Kalinga encountered more or less 10 lawless elements that resulted to the recovery of one (1) Cal 30 M2 carbine w/ one (1) magazine and two (2) ammo and two (2) Cal .38 revolvers with five (5) ammo.

On 05 February 2007 while conducting scty patrol/OP at Mt Binuuan Complex, Brgy Manangol, Lubuagan, Kalinga the unit recovered one (1) Cal 30 M1 Garand with one (1) Clip and 8 ammo, one (1) ammo for 81mm Mortar and several subversive documents.

On 30 March 2007 squad of 32nd APCAAC recovered one (1) 12 gauge shotgun while conducting prophylactic patrol at vic Brgy Manag, Conner, Apayao.

On 01 August 2007 the unit returned to its former location CMFDC, Upi, Gamu, Isabela where it is located with Division Hqs.

On 08 October 2007, joint elements this unit and MIB encountered more or less 10 CTs at vic So Cacasiyan, Brgy Buaya, Balabalan, Kalinga resulted to the recovery of one (1) M16 rifle with one (1) short Magazine. Likewise, on 150500 November 2007 joint elements of 1INCAAC and Pltn of 50IB encountered more or less 40 FACTs at vic So Dapulay, Poblacion Nueva era, Ilocos Norte that resulted to the wounding of 2 EP and the recovery of four (4) M16 rifles, two (2) HH ICOM radios, improvise explosives, blasting caps, assorted medicines and voluminous subversive documents.

For the period CY-07, the unit was able to conduct 14 Classes of CAA Refresher training consisting of Six Hundred Forty One (641) Cafgu Active Auxillary and Ten Classes of Basic Military Training consisting of One Thousand Two Hundred Two (1,202) Civilian Volunteers. Likewise, surrenderees are as follows. Father and son Andrian Melicio @ Wakit and Andrew Melicio @ Galuan of Pltn Bravo F1, NEPCOM along with one (1) M14 rifle with two (2) magazines and thirty four (34) live ammos and one (1) Cal.22 Long., Robert Bingwod with one (1) M16 Rifle, one (1) magazine and ten (10) live ammos, Ricardo Legaspi of KLG Baggas with one (1) Cal 30 Browning Automatic Rifle: Flor Agbayani Y Costales with one (1) Carbine, Magazine and 8 Ammo and Boy Beswayan Y Baccad Tm Ldr of unit seguridad, Liho Cawilan Command of Kalinga ICRC along with his M16 Cal 5.56mm rifle with one (1) magazine loaded with ammo and one (1) set computer desk (pentium 2).

On 03 January 2008, acting on the information received, the unit spearheaded the conduct of intelligence operations leading to the surrender of Ramon B Datul @ CT member of KLG Baggas along with two FAs: one (1) M14 Rifle with four (4) magazine and forty (40) live ammos and one (1) AK 47 Rifle with one (1) magazine without ammo. Likewise, Boy Beswayan Y Baccad again surrendered two FAs: one (1) M14 Rifle with one (1) magazine loaded with ammo and one (1) M16 Rifle with three (3) magazines and thirty (30) live ammos.

On 11 January 2008, 25CCAC Alannay Det conducted raid to the lawless element at Brgy Centro 3, Lasam, Cagayan that resulted to the apprehension of certain Marlon Palero 19 Y/O resident of Gen Trias, Cavite and Arnold Bobla Alamo, 36 Y/O resident of Bisagui, Aparri, Cagayan with one (1) hand grenade and one (1) M653 respectively.

On 31 January 2008, as per Letter Directive from Commander PA dated 05 January 2008 that CAFGU Battalion Hqs should be co-located with Division HQs NLT31 March 2008 the unit has fully implemented its relocationfrom Sitio Tactac, Brgy Puncan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija to CMFDC Upi, Gamu, Isabela where it is presently located.

On 080500 Feb 2008, Warlito Balanay @ Angel/Marvin/Aster/Wawi, 36 yrs old, resident of Brgy Imelda, Sta Marcela, Apayao and his wife Salud Apadan @ Hazel/Heizel, 35 yrs old, resident of Brgy Banban, Conner Apayao surrendered to the intel operatives of this unit with one (1) M14 rifle bearing SN 833209, one (1) mag of M14 with 23 live ammos and one (1) M16 rifle SN 057703.

On 081700 February 2008, joint personnel of ECoy 77IB and PNP personnel while responding to an information on the transportation of dried Marijuana leaves from Barangay Pinagan, Tabuk, Kalinga confiscated and apprehended 82 pieces in bricks form of marijuana leaves estimated 82 kilos worth of P 2,050,000.00 pesos loaded to an ISUZU mini dump truck bearing plate number CTR 556 driven by Allen D Balluga 29 yrs old, single, farmer and a certain Charlie B Panoy, 24 yrs old, married, jobless both native of Botbot, Tinglayan, Kalinga and both resident of Agbannawag, Tabuk, Kalinga.

On 13 March 2008, Weldie TaTayab @ ROGER , 21 Y/O, resident of Lubuagan, Kalinga and member of KLG Baggas, ICRC surrendered to Intel operatives of this unit one (1) Cal.45mm defaced serial number.

On 18 April 2008, Tyner Timoteo @ Kawitan, 44 Y/O resident of Lubuagan, Kalinga and member of KLG, Baggas, ICRC surrendered to Intel operatives of this unit one (1) M16 rifle bearing serial number 110057.

On 09 May 2008, Joel Francisco @ RICKY, 30 Y/O, resident of Brgy Ampaliok, Luba, Abra a CT mbr of KLG Baggas surrendered to Intel operatives of this unit one (1) M16 rifle defaced SN with three (3) rifle grenades, one (1) ICOM and one (1) Hand Grenade.

On 03 June 2008, Sonny Lao-ing Y Mangao @ SONNY, 52 Y/O, Married, resident of Brgy Villa Peña, Cabarroguis, Quirino a mbr of Area Party Committee, Ifugao (ACP) surrendered to Intel operatives this unit one (1) M14 rifle bearing SN 120902 with one (1) Mag and 8 Ammos.

On 041000 Jun 2008, two CTs personalities namely: Tyner Timoteo Y Aloy @ KAWITAN, 40 Y/O, Married and Villamor Bringas Y Timoteo @ BAY-AG, 47 Y/O, Single, both from Abra Prov and mbrs of KLG South Central (Formerly KLG GOLDIE) ICRC voluntarily surrendered to Intel operatives this unit with two (2) Cal 5.56mm AR 18/M16 rifle bearing SN S256/057820 with three (3) mags, 50 Ammos and one HH radio.

On 22 June 2008, again Sonny Lao-ing Y Mangao @ SONNY and Brandon Gaddaoan @ Ando surrendered to Intel operatives this unit two (2) M16 rifles with defaced and tampered SN with two (2) mags and 11 Ammos.

From 1st Qtr to 3rd Qtr CY-08, with the untiring dedication of the Officers and men of the 77IB(CAFGU) the unit was able to conduct 1 Class CADRE training consisting of Fifty (50) Enlisted Personnel, 11 Classes of CAA Refresher Training consisting of Seven Hundred Thirty Two (732) Cafgu Active Auxiliary and Five (5) Classes of Basic Military Training consisting of Six Hundred Twelve (612) Civilian Volunteers. Likewise, surrenderees are as follows. Junie Manaduhay Y Gimanga, 29 Y/O, Single a resident of Brgy Natabbacon, Paracelis, MP and mbr of KLG, MARCO: Sante Batalla @ Vincent and Nelson Ramos @ Chino both resident of Carranglan, Nueva Ecija mbrs of NF, SF, KRHSL: Dencio Lambino @ Bitbit, resident of Tubo, Abra and mbr of Area Party Committee (APC) ICRC.

On 06 Oct 08, 36KCAAC Bantay det under Sgt Marlon C Masiglat 744504 (Inf) PA while conducting RC/CP along MSR 51QTUV 276251 Brgy Bantay, Tabuk City confiscated One Hundred Ten (110) rds ctrgs ball of Cal. 5.56mm. Likewise, 27CCAAC Piggatan det under SSg Ricky G Mondero 750399 (Inf) PA augmented with DENR personnel headed by CENRO Vicente C Bayucan while on their way from conducting RC/CP they were able to trap one (1) trailer tructkloaded with Ten Thousands BF of assorted soft wood lumber at National Highway Pamplona, Cagayan.

On 050830 Feb 09, again the unit moved from its former location CMFDC, Upi, Gamu, Isabela to Brgy Bagumbayan, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya 51QUT 966024 to augment elements of H54IB, 5ID, PA.

With this heroic feat, the officers and men of the 77th Infantry Battalion (CADRE) belonging to the lone contingent of the 5th Infantry Division Philippine Army that served in Northern and Southern Philippines continue to perform its best interest to the Filipino people. “A UNIT THAT WE CAN BE PROUD OF”.


RED - Courage, Bravery, Valor.

BLACK - Death to the Enemy.

BLUE - Honor and Dignity.

GRAY - True Soldiers/Professionalism.

77 - The number of the Battalion, the number that the people love, the number that the enemy fears.

SHIELD - Symbolizes primary duty as the soldiers of the Republic and Defender of Democracy, protect against any threat to the freedom and independence of the Filipino people, be it internal or external.

DAGGER - Stands for the noble profession of arms. Its two edges are honed sharp, reflects the skills of officers and men of the double seven. The dagger points downward to denote humility even in victory.

PANTHER - Signifies the double seven fighting like panthers in the jungle: swift, silent but deadly.

3 LIGHTING BOLTS - indicates skills, Stamina & Spirit – Three qualities that distinguishes the double seven from the rest, making it the best second to none.

DONT DARE THE DOUBLE SEVEN - When the enemy dares the double seven, they would not live to regret it.

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