9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion

        1.                  Unit History
 A.        Origin – (9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion was born when the Philippine Army implemented the Kamagong Concept in the 70’s which purpose was to meet the crises in Mindanao. It was initially activated as a Philippine Army unit attached  to the 4th Infantry Division pursuant to GO Nr 279 HPA dated 15 May 1973. its actual activation was on 01 January 1974 at Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City. Since its personnel were taken from the Division, it became an organic unit of the 4th Infantry Division on 01 April 1974 pursuant to GO Nr 449 HPA dated 30 March 1974.
B.          Battalion Logo – The 9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion logo has a silhouette of a soldier at the center holding a dagger with his right hand , this symbolized the Sandigan Soldier’s goal of controlling violence. At his left hand is a torch which symbolizes enlightenment-he himself being enlightened on the role he plans while conveniently enlightening the people as one of his missions. Just below the silhouette is the word “SANDIGAN” which means hope and the state of being reliable and can be depended upon by the nation in times of war and peace. The figure nine positioned at the upper left portion of the seal represents not only the unit’s numerical designation but of the cat’s nine lives which in essence symbolizes resiliency, versatility, adaptability in any situation, and survivability under the most adverse conditions which is typical in the army. The black shade of the soldier’s image at the center symbolizes the dark side of the military  profession, a reality that soldiers life is constantly in danger and the loneliness he has to bear being far away from his love ones. Half of the seal is colored red signifying bravery, courage and decisiveness in battle while green signifies youthfulness which actually comprises majority of the total force that bears the brunt of fighting.
C.  Initial Headquarters and CO’s – The 9th Infantry (SANDIGAN) Battalion, upon its activation, had its Battalion Hqs at Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City and was involved in the pacification campaign against the secessionist movement of the MNLF in Southern Philippines. Its first Battalion Commander was MAJOR RUPERTO A AMBIL JR who later became the Commander of SOUTHERN COMMAND, AFP on the late 90’s (retired). He served the Battalion from 15 May 1974 to 30 April 1979. Alfa and Bravo companies were deployed in strategic areas in Olutanga island, Zamboanga del Sur under the command of 1LT INOCENTES DELA CRUZ and 1LT URANDANG SIRAD PA, respetively. Charlie company under  1LT PRIMER ASPRER PA at Buenavista, Curuan, Vitali and Tictapul, all of Zamboanga City. Delta Company under 2LT ROBERTO GEWRVACIO PA occupied Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte while Hqs & Hqs Svc Company under 1LT PATRICIO LOQUILLANO JR PA was based at Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City.
 D.   Narrative of events and Unit Accomplishments – To meet the demands of the prevailing situation; the unit deviated from its regular set-up of an Infantry Battalion (as prescribed in the AFP TOE A7-5) and organized the fourth and fifth line companies. These changes and deviation were made to efficiently accomplish its task in this peculiar operational environment and on the personnel and material resources available. With Delta company as the Naval unit equipped with watercraft Transport facilities, the battalion became very flexible at sea. While the Delta company operated at sea, the Echo company was on land and both were independent from the other line units of the Battalion. However, in the early part of 1981, due to lack of personnel, Delta and Echo companies were deactivated.
            The unit’s focal point of operation was concentrated in its own AOR to neutralize the rebel  movement. However, on orders of higher Hqs, it actively participated in various combat operations in Basilan sometime in march 1975, in Jolo from April to July of the same year leaving behind its AOR to the 4BLT (MARINES). When the unit was relieved from Jolo, it resumed control of its previous AOR and immediately launched various battalion operations directed by higher Hqs  in the municipality of Dimataling, Zamboanga del Sur and some rebel-infested areas in Litawan and Anongan complex, all of Zamboanga del Norte. Such opns ended in the early part of 1976.
           In November 1978, the unit moved its Battalion Hqs to Campo Uno, Lamitan, Basilan Province with line companies deployed at vital and strategic areas of Lamitan and Tuboran municipalities.
            Among the unit’s major accomplishment were the liberation and the re-establishment of government control at the municipality of Sibuco, Zamboanga del Sur which was vunder the control of the rebel forces for almost a year and the capture of the MNLF general Hqs based in Panganuran of same province in 1975, Another was the capture of  enemy held strategic areas in Jolo and Basilan in 1975-1978 and 1979 which were not captured by previous operating units. It also conducted a series of search and screening operations in Zamboanga City complex in 1977 confiscating assorted firearms and ammunition  and apprehending several terrorists.
           In 1979, the unit conducted a series  of combat operations/raids in the municipality of Lamitan, Tipo-Tipo and Tuboran all of Basilan province that resulted in the capture of one (1) M203 GL , two (2) Cal 7.62MM G1 rifles, four (4) Cal 5.56MM M16 rifles, four (4) Cal 30 M2 BAR, Five (5) Cal 30 M1 Carbine and Three (3) M1 Garand rifles.
              On 30 April 1979, MAJOR RUPERTO A AMBIL JR PA was relieved as Battalion Commander and was sent to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA to undergo GSC, LTC JAIME SOMERA PA, then a Major, assumed command on 10 May 1979.Thru the exemplary leadership, professional competence and high sense of responsibility of Major SOMERA, the unit conducted a series of operations and raids in the province and captured several FAs of different caliber and other war material.
               On 01 June 1981, after eight years of deployment in combat areas, the battalion was recalled to Cagayan de Oro City for retraining, While the unit was undergoing retraining, LTC SOMERA was sent to school at AFPGSC to take up GSC and LTC RUFO ALFEREZ (GSC) MNSA assumed command on 11 June 1981. After retraining on 20 August 1981, due to the worsening  situatuin in Misamis Occidental, the battalion was deployed at Bagakay, Ozamis City, LTC RUFO ALFEREZ was commanding the unit for more than a year when he was relieved and LTC JAIME SOMERA was re-designated as Commanding Offcer on 01 Aug 1982, However , his second stint was short lived, when he was ambushed on 19 January 1983 while on the way to conduct a joint civic/dialogue at Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental. That incident also claimed the live of one (1) officer and five (5) EP including that of Mayor Rene Yap of said municipality. Subsequently, LTC VIRGILIO PACANA PA was designated as OIC and assumed command as acting commanding officer on 20 January 1983. During his incumbency, the unit successfully accomplished its mission in the province of Misamis Occidental.
       While in Misamis Occidental, the unit conducted a series of operations and raids against the enemy resulting in the capture of one (1) M16 rifle, seven (7) Garand rifles, one (1) Carbine rifle, one (1) Springfield rifle, fifteen hand grenades nine (9) pieces of Cal .38 rev, one (1) rifle grenade and two (2) ICOM radios.
            On 14 June 1984, LTC VIRGILIO PACANA was sent to school and MAJOR ROGELIO V NAVARRO PA , then the Assistant Chief of Staff G5, 4ID, PA assumed command of the unit. During his stint, the unit distinguished itself in both combat and administration (best Bn CY 84).
         The year 1984 and 1985 added another victory in the already engraved combat and administrative records of the battalion. During the division evaluation, among the eleven (11) Infantry Battalions, of the 4ID, PA, this battalion was adjudged as the Best Infantry Battalion for the year 1984-1985 and earned the MUNOZ Cup for two consecutive years as best battalion, This rare achievement was earned through the support, cooperation and dedication of its officers and men coupled with the support from the local government officials and the people.
            For the period of 1985-1986, the unit conducted twenty (20) Battalion size operations, five (5) company size operations, one hundred thirty seven (137) platoon size operations, three hundred eighty-five (385) reconnaissance/combat patrols, one hundred ten ambuscades, seventy-five (75) strike missions and participated in Brigade and Task Force Cobra operations that resulted in the capture of  the following: one (1) Cal 5.56MM M16 rifle, nine (9) Cal 30 M1 Garand rifles, two (2) Cal 30 M1 Carbine rifles, one (1) Cal 38 pistol, three (3) Cal 38 pistol (HM), thirty-eight (38) HM shotgun, two (2) Cal 5.56MM (HM single shot), three (3) Springfield, seventeen (17) hand grenades, one (1) air gun, three (3) handheld radios, one tear gas canister and several rounds of ammunition of different caliber’s and subversive documents/leaflets with high intelligence value.
          On 02 April 1986, MAJ ROGELIO V NAVARRO (INF) PA was relieved as Commanding Officer of the unit due to charges of human right violation by Chairman Jose M Diokno. MAJOR PATRICIO LOQUILLANO JR (INF) PA  was designated  OIC. On 17 April 1986, the unit was recalled at Camp Evangelista, Cagayan de Oro City for deployment to a new AOR.
           On 19 April 1986, while the unit was undergoing CMO/Intel seminar at Cp Evangelista, MAJ PATRICIO L LOQUILLANO (INF) PA was relieved as OIC and LTC CASIANO ABRAGAN (INF) PA assumed command as Acting Commanding Officer.
          During the send-off ceremony tendered to this unit at 4ID grandstand before employment to its new AOR, CSAFP GEN FIDEL V RAMOS AFP as guest installed back MAJOR ROGELIO V NAVARRO (INF) PA Acting as Commanding Officer of this unit effective 11 May 1986 after he was cleared of the charges. On 11 May 1986, the unit move from Camp Evangelista, Cagayan de Oro City and established its Battalion Headquarters at Lanise Elementary School, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. On 27 May 1986, the unit again moved to its new site at BPI Compound of same municipality and finally on 14 August 1986, the unit established its Battalion Headquarters at Migbanday, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, On 22 May 1987, LTC ROGELIO V NAVARRO (INF) PA was relieved as Commanding Officer and the command was turned over to LTC CEFERINO L LAYAO (INF) PA, the former Assistant Chief of Staff U3, SOUTHCOM, The occasion was attended by MAJ GEN  CESAR TAPIA AFP, COMSOUTHCOM, BG MARIANO P ADALEM AFP Commanding General, 4ID, BG ANGEL SADANG AFP, BRIG GEN ARRIBAS, BRIG GEN CAMUA (then COL) PAF of the 3rd Air Division and other VIPs.
                For the years 1986-1987, the unit conducted nine (9) Battalions size operations, one hundred sixty-nine (169) reconnaissance/combat patrols, twenty-one (21) strike missions, fifty-one (51) ambuscades and nineteen (19) separate encounters that resulted in the capture of  one (1) Cal .30 M1 Garand rifle, one (1) Cal .30 M1 carbine, two (2) HM single shot M16, one (1) HM Cal .30 M1 Garand, three (3) HM 20 Gauge Shotgun, landmines, two (2) radio transistors, one (1) Air gun, one (1) binocular, thirteen (13) ammos 12 gauge, thirty eight (38) ammos Carbine, two (2) short magazines M16, three hundred (300) meters wire, one (1) battery box, six (6) batteries and one (1) holster for Cal .38 revolver.
           In 1987, the unit conducted various training activities. to attain combat administrative efficiency,  It could not be denied that the 9IB is noted for being the first to conduct innovative courses such as Barefoot Teacher Training (later on adopted as ALPS) which aimed to eliminate the “THUMBMARK” system in the far flung areas.  The tri-course, which trained individuals to be Scuba Divers, Seamen, hard-hitting Rangers and experts on unarmed and sea operations and Expedient Course designed to make a soldier capable of operating both on land and on coastal area was also conducted.                            
         In the year 1987, the unit neutralize forty-two (42) enemy personalities, captured fifteen (15) HP FAs to include thirty (30) various kinds of war materials and facilitated the surrender of five thousand (5,000) CPP/NPA suffered great blow in its plans and intentions to overthrow the present form of government despite its legal fronts that were scattered in the different parts of the AOR.
               The Sandigan believes that excellent administration is a way to a successful combat operation as well as Civil Military Operation.
                On 22 May 1988, the 14th Battalion  Anniversary was celebrated at the Sandigan Hall, Migbanday, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, The occasion was attended by BG ROGELIO VILLANUEVA AFP Commanding General of 4ID, PA COL RAFAEL MANAGO, Commanding Officer of 403 Bde and some provincial and municipal officials of Misamis Oriental. It was in this affair that (3) officers and sixteen (16) enlisted men were awarded various of awards for heroic and meritorious achievements.
             In 1988, the Sandigan Battalion again experienced twenty-three (23) encountered which resulted in nine (9) enemies killed, eight (8) surrendered, seven (7) high-powered firearms and thirteen (13) war materials captured. Also, the unit participated in civic activities initiated by the civilian sector within AOR such as ball games and some other related athletic activities.
             The year 1989 marked another success for the Sandigan Battalion when its new administrative building and a Sandigan Hall was blessed during a field mass in the morning followed by distribution of awards and decoration and promotion to the deserving personnel. This occasion was graced by the presence of the Division Commander, BG ROGELIO VILLANUEVA AFP.
             On 01 July 1989, LTC CEFERENO L LAYAO (INF) PA, was relieved as Commanding Officer of 9th Infantry Battalion pursuant to paragraph # GO Nr 215 dated 28 June 1989 and on section 11 of the same GO MAJOR ANTONIO PACANA (INF) PA was designated as acting Commanding Officer of the Sandigan Battalion.
                For calendar year 1989 the unit conducted three (3) Battalion size operations, fifteen (15) company size operations and six hundred (600) small unit combat patrols. Out of this activities, the unit suffered four (4) KIA while the enemy suffered twelve (12) KIA. On wounded , the government side had thirteen (13) while the enemy had seven (7). On the other hand, nine hundred sixty-seven (967) enemy mass base followers surrendered, one (1) was apprehended  and two (2) were captured. Moreover, FAs and equipment losses on the government side was negative while the enemy had a total of eighteen (18) assorted FAs and equipment. It also succeeded in dislodging the enemy from its base areas in the municipality of Sugbongcogon, Balingasag, Kinoguitan and Talisayan, all of Misamis Oriental which resulted in the neutralization of the key MOPPC leaders and staff members, that caused leadership and organizational problems for the enemy.
             The improvement of combat effectiveness of the unit is primarily attributed to better training and improved equipment coupled with high morale of the personnel. During that period, six (6) seminars and one (1) SROC were conducted, Aside from these, there were other factors that contributed to the gains of the government's fight against the CT's such as active participation of civilians in the campaign by providing timely intelligence information, vehicular requirements and maximum utilization of CAAs.
           Furthermore, the number of affected barangays decreased as a result of SOT which was mark of success in the dismantling of the CPP political structure in the barangays particularly in the municipalities of Salay, Balingasag, Sugbongcogon and Balingoan all of Misamis Oriental.
             It is during the incumbency of LTC EDGAR M CENTENO (INF) PA that six (6) NPA armed regulars surrendered with FAs after thorough negotiation that proved that the government's "Balik-Baril" program was effective.
              For the calendar year 1990, the unit conducted eight (8) Battalion size operations, three (3) company size operations and six hundred ninety-three (693) small unit patrols. During this period,  the unit suffered seven (7) soldiers and four (4) CAAs KIA and twenty (20) military and eleven (11) CAAs WIA while the enemy suffered nine (9) killed (BC) and sixty estimated wounded, The unit lost six (6) FAs to the enemy but gained eighteen (18) assorted FAs and eight hundred one (801) enemy mass base followers who surrendered.
          Another significant achievement of the 9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion for the year 1990 was the destruction of District 3 of front 4-B based in Lantad, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental giving the enemy hard time to look for another area to establish their guerilla base. On December 1990, the unit conducted SOT operation in Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental that led to the destruction of SECOM 1 of district 2 MOPCC. The operation resulted to the neutralization of fifteen (15) barangays and the surrender of sixty-five (65) members, fifteen (15) NPA/MB, fifty-eight (58) SMA and two hundred twenty-one (221) surrenderees.
          On 01 February 1991, during the 4ID 53rd Anniversary Celebration, the 9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion of the 4th Infantry Division capped another laurel when it was adjudged as the Best Battalion of the 4th Infantry Division for the year 1990. Sandigan bested ten (10) other Infantry Battalions in all aspects of administration, intelligence, operations, logistics and CMO and garnered the most coveted award with flying colors. That prestigious award was given by no less than the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, MAJOR GENERAL LISANDRO ABADIA AFP, who graced the occasion. The honor was shared by every "Sandigan" soldier with high esteem on the sterling leadership of LTC EDGAR M CENTENO (INF) PA.
         On 15 May 1991, the Battalion celebrated its 17th Founding Anniversary. All previous Battalion Commanders of the unit were invited by LTC CENTENO, BRIG GENERAL RUPERTO A AMBIL JR AFP, the first Battalion Commander of the unit was the Guest of Honor and Speaker. The affair was also attended by the unit commanders of different battalions and Post units, Staff officers, local government officials, supporters as well as friends of the 9IB in the private sector.
           On 20 November 1991, the unit under the stewardship of LTC CENTENO, launched a new concept in fighting communists insurgency called CAATACON, acronym for Civilian Active Auxiliary Tactical Activities on Counter-Insurgency. This concept was designed in mobilizing trustworthy of civilians, collectively from them into solid organizational fronts under the control supervision of local officials to check the tide of the communist movement. GESCOIN (Government Employees Seminar on Counter-Insurgency) a component of CAATACON was also launched aimed at informing the civil government servants and instill to them their inherent task on Counter-Insurgency. Both CAATACON and GESCOIN were conceptualized on the need to revitalize and reinvigorate the CMO/SOT activities of the unit in areas where CMO/SOT have been already undertaken but have indicated the resurgence of communist infiltration. These have proven encouraging results in the municipality of Salay, Misamis Oriental where it was first experimented.
            For the year 1991, the unit conducted four (4) Battalion-size operations, ten (10) company-size operations and one thousand six hundred fifty (1,650) small unit combat patrols and ambuscades within its AOR. The unit also conducted three (3) SOT operations in the municipalities of Balingoan, Talisayan and Medina, all of Misamis Oriental. In training, the unit conducted ten (10) classes of CAFGU Refresher Course and one (1) CAFGU Basic Course.
             During the 1st quarter of 1992, the unit was sent to Surigao del Sur area to help in the dismantling of the Division priority fronts. It is during this period where LTC ADOLFO G LOAYON (INF) PA took over the command from LTC EDGAR M CENTENO (INF) PA. After the strike operation sometime in June 1992, the unit went back to its former AOR in Misamis Oriental. From then, a massive military tactical operation was conducted particularly in Lantad Complex in an effort to dismantle FC 4-B whose base area is situated there.
            On February 15, 1993, BRIG GENERAL QUINTIN A ALCUDIA, AFP, CG, 4ID, PA turned over the command of 9IB to COL ESPERIDION Z BALINTAG (FA) PA, then Major, from LT COL ADOLFO G LOAYON (INF) PA at Talusan, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental.
           In March of 1993, the unit conducted a series of combat operations in FC 4-B with Charlie Company as the Battalion Strike Force conducting an air mobile assault as a KEYHOLE approach to an enemy concentration in Upper Salay, Misamis Oriental. Fierce fighting ensued during the air insertion wherein air assets suffered three Hues and 1 MG 520 hit by enemy bullets and the wounding of one HUEY pilot followed by sporadic engagements between government troopers and the TDs which resulted in two KIA and fourteen WIA on the government side while undetermined on the enemy side. The unit also successfully negotiated the surrender of 14 CPP/NPA/NDF personalities six (6) of whom were with FAs.
             In the second quarter CY 93, the unit moved its headquarters from Talusan, Balingasag to Guinalaban, Salay, Misamis Oriental. Massive combat operations continued in consonance with OPLAN/MINERVA I of the Division with two more Infantry Battalions and 4SR Coy poured in all over FC 4-B areas supported by SOU (P) with the intent of dismantling the front by Jul 93. During the period violent incidents happened which did not escape the local and national newspaper especially the sounding of Fr Mario Valmorida in an encounter between 9IB pers and the TDs in Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.
            The four-month long Brigade operations was highlighted by the successful de-influencing of Barangay Matampa and Bunal, Salay, the only two remaining influenced barangays in FC 4-B area and the success of operation "balik-barangay" which resettled the displaced residents of Matampa and Bunal back to their barangays and the successful penetrating by Bravo Company, 9IB and 4SR Coy of Sitio Baliwagan of Kibanban, Balingasag. The operation was very successful which showed the willingness of our troops to hurdle even the most difficult terrain to flush the hard-core TDs out while at the same time maintaining the "Open Door" policy to those who were willing to accept the government's offer of reconciliation. In effect, it made the enemy reconsider its position and changed its thrust to dispersion and recovery.
            During the third quarter of 1993, 4SRC, 8IB and 23IB were pulled out from FC-4B. The 10th SF Coy and 31SF Coy were placed OPCON to the Battalion to act as Cadre of CAA units.
         For the whole year, the Battalion was able to conduct 489 combat operations which resulted in the recovery of one (1) M14 rifle, two (2) M16 rifles, one (1) SMG 5.56 M653 rifle, 6 magazine M14, 11 magazine M16, 29 APERS mines (HM) 13 Anti-tank mines (HM), 4 Clamor mines (HM), 3 Blasting caps (HM) and a rifle grenade.
        On 08 February 1994, BRIG GENERAL CLEMENTE P MARIANO AFP CG 4ID, PA turned over the command of 9IB, 4ID, PA to LT COL PEDRO D FERNANDO (INF) PA vice LT COL ESPERIDION Z BALINTAG (FA) PA at Headquarters 9IB, Guinalaban, Salay, Misamis Oriental.
          On 08 Sep 1994, Charlie Coy was attached to 26IB in connection with 403rd Bde OPLAN "Bukidnon" to act as reserve/holding forces of said unit during their second quarter combat operation being conducted within San Fernando-Cabanglasan-Quezon areas, Bukidnon and returned back to Medina on the second week of Aug 1994.
         The massive military operations conducted by the unit in 1993 in FC 4-B resulted in a notable decline in enemy strength and influence within the AOR and decrease its support to the insurgency movement from the people at large became evident. Taking advantage of the situation, the unit continued the momentum by conducting massive intelligence, combat and civil military operations during the 1st and 2nd quarters of 1994. The success of the TRIAD operation conducted by the Bn prompted 403rd Bde to recommend to higher Headquarters the dismantling of FC 4-B after satisfying the required criteria set forth by higher Headquarters.
        In the course of the pacification campaign in the unit's AOR from January 1994 to May 1996, the unit conducted 15 Battalion initiated operations, 27 Company initiated operations and 2,590 small unit operation/combat patrols which resulted in the recovery of the following war materials from the enemy: Two (2) US Cal 5.56MM M16 rifle, one (1) US Cal 7.62MM M14 rifle, three (3) Garand rifle, one (1) Carbine rifle, one (1) Cal .38 Pistol, eight clips F/Garand with 72 rounds live ammunitions, four (4) Blasting caps, one (1) Transistor Radio, one (1) Handheld Radio (ICOM), one (1) Binocular, four APERS Land mines (HM), four Anti-Tank Land mines (HM), nine Clamor Land mines (HM), one (1) Fragmentation Grenade (HG), five (5) rifle grenades, assorted medical accessories, assorted medicines and voluminous subversive documents. On intelligence and CMO efforts of the unit, a total of 73 TDs and MNLF personalities surrendered with firearms as follows: one (1) US 60MM Mortar with two (2) live projectiles, two (2) Cal 5.56MM M16, three (3) Cal 7.62MM M14 rifles with fifteen (15) magazines and one hundred (100) rounds live ammunitions, one (1) Cal 5.56MM (AK-47) with seven (7) magazine long and 67 rounds live ammo, one (1) SMG Cal 5.56MM M653 modified with two (2) magazines, two (2) Carbine rifles, six (6) Garand rifles, 14 clips for Garand with 78 rounds live ammo, one (1) 12 gauge Shotgun (HM), one Handheld Radio (ICOM) and a fragmentation grenade.
          Noteworthy is the fact that during the incumbency of LT COL PEDRO D FERNANDO (INF) PA, the unit suffered only two (2) slightly WIA personnel during the encounter with the rebels and had inflected seven (7) KIA (BC) and undetermined WIA on the enemy side.
        During the period, the unit also conducted four (4) SOT operations clearing Barangay Bulahan and Barangay Tipolohon, all of Claveria, Misamis Oriental and conducted four (4) ALPS Classes. Likewise, OPLAN BANTAYAN of the Battalion was implemented aimed at educating the people by enlightening them on the modus operandi of the remnants of the former FC 4-B. This was to negate the recovery and expansion program of the enemy.
       On unit training, the unit conducted a total of 42 trainings/seminars benefiting a total of 810 personnel.
        On 27 May 1995, LT COL PEDRO D FERNANDO (INF) PA turned over the command of the SANDIGAN to LT COL ROGER C DIAZ (INF) PA, the former Bde Ex-O 402 Inf Bde, 4ID, PA in the presence of the 403rd Bde Cmdr COL CESAR F ILANO (INF) PA and other VIP's when the former was sent to schooling for GSC.
        From then on the Battalion continue its momentum, reinforced further by the excellent leadership of LT COL DIAZ. Aside from massive combat and intelligence operations, the Battalion focused its effort on Civil-Military Operations and Personnel Administration. Better relationship with local government officials and the civilian sector was achieved. The unit also actively participated in environmental protection effort thru massive tree planting activities and apprehension of illegally cut logs. For the first time, the unit spearheaded the launching of Anti-Drug Abuse campaign thru a series of symposia among the different schools within the AOR.
         On 04 July 1995, Charlie Company this unit was attached to 8IB in connection with 403rd Bde OPLAN "KUTA-BATO ALFA" to act as reserve/holding force of said unit within San Fernando-Cabanglasan-Malaybalay area all of Bukidnon. Realignment of tactical boundaries were conducted within the 403rd Bde AOR. Some areas of the Battalion in the north, and eastern parts of Misamis Oriental particularly the areas from Kinoguitan to Gingoog City were turned over to 10SF Battalion.
        On 22 September 1995, Alfa Company CP was transferred from Umagos, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental to Minongan, Quezon, Bukidnon to take over the ISO responsibility over the municipalities of Quezon, Kitaotao, Kadingilan and Valencia all of Bukidnon. The following day, operational control over Charlie Company was terminated and it was reverted back to the unit control. Aside from the areas in the major portion of Misamis Oriental, some areas in the southeastern part of Bukidnon were added in the unit's area of responsibility (AOR).
       On 17 November 1995, the unit's Headquarters stationed at Guinalaban, Salay, Misamis Oriental and the remaining Bravo Company at Napaliran, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental finally moved to its new AOR in Bukidnon province taking Poblacion, Maramag as the Battalion Headquarters and Namnam, San Fernando, Bukidnon for the Bravo Company while taking over the same AOR with Charlie Company because of the developing threat in Agusan Sur-Davao-Bukidnon boundaries.
         For the calendar year 1995, the unit conducted 11 Battalion initiated operations, 25 Company-initiated operations and 2,437 small unit operations/patrols and one (1) ALPS Class. During these operations, the unit was able to inflict nine (9) killed (BC) and undetermined number of wounded and one (1) captured on the enemy side while two (2) WIA (EP) on the government side.
      While the unit was intensifying its campaign for the CY 1995, noteworthy among its accomplishments were the recovery of the following war materials: two (2) US rifle Cal 5.56MM M16 bearing SN: 9023792 and 903548, one (1) US rifle Cal 7.62MM M14 bearing SN: 101781, two US rifle Cal 30 M1 Garand bearing SN 852949 and 2652325, one (1) rifle Cal 22 SN: defaced, one (1) Cal.38 revolver bearing SN 30149 with six (6) rounds live ammunition, three (3) magazine F/M14 with 52 rounds live ammunition, five (5) rifle grenade (RG), two (2) clamor mines (HM), medical paraphernalia's, subversive documents with high intelligence value and assorted foodstuffs. 
       On Intelligence and CMO operations, 18 MNLF/TDs personalities surrendered, five (5) of whom were with firearms as follows: one (1) 60MM Mortar SN defaced with two (2) rounds projectile, two (2) US rifle Cal 7.62MM M14 bearing SN 1376686 and 904660, nine (9) magazines F/M14 with 86 rounds live ammunition, one (1) US rifle Cal 5.56MM M16 bearing SN 419383, one (1) SMG Cal 5.56MM M653 (Modified), two (2) magazines (long) with 60 rounds live ammunition, one Cal .38 revolver with defaced SN, one (1) anti-tank landmine (HM) and three (3) fragmentation grenade.
        On 13 February 1996, Charlie Company moved from its command post in Halapitan, San Fernando to Brgy Macapari, Damulog, Bukidnon to relieve-in-place Alfa Company of 8IB whose AOR covers the municipalities of Damulog, Kibawe and Dangcagan and serves as the advance guard of the unit possible from intrusion of SPTGs into the province coming from Cotabato areas.
       Not long from its occupation in Damulog, on 27 April 1996, Charlie Company relinguished its AOR to Alfa Company, 8IB and established again a new company command post in Brgy Hagpa, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon taking the lone municipality which is Impasug-ong as its AOR.
      On 18 June 1996, the 23rd Battalion Anniversary was celebrated at Battalion headquarters, South Poblacion, Maramag, Bukidnon the occasion was attended by LT GEN RUPERTO A AMBIL JR AFP the father of "Sandigan" at present the Commander, SOUTHERN COMMAND, AFP, BGEN JOSELIN B NAZARENO AFP Commanding General of 4ID, PA, COL ANTONIO C SANTOS (GSC) PA Commanding Officer 403rd Infantry Brigade and some provincial and municipal officials of Bukidnon. It was in this affair that five (5) officers and 23 enlisted men were awarded with various awards for heroic feats and meritorious achievements.
     On 28 June 1996, Alfa Company relinguished its AOR to Bravo Company, 8IB and deployed within municipalities of Manolo Fortich, Impasug-ong, Cabanglasan and Malaybalay City all of Bukidnon with its command post at barangay Zamboanguita, Malaybalay.
      On 30 July 1996, Charlie Company moved its command post in Hagpa, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon to relieve-in-place 31st SF Coy and deployed within the municipality of Malitbog, a portion of Gingoog City and municipality of Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental with its command post at barangay Tagpako, Gingoog City.
        Consequently, sometime in August of 1996, with the troops renewed disposition in the eastern border of the province, the Battalion Headquarters moved to Sitio Bobonawan, Imbatug, Cabanglasan, Bukidnon to have a better control over its line companies.
         For the Calendar Year 1996, this unit has conducted five (5) Battalion initiated operations, nine (9) Company initiated operations, and 2,932 small unit combat operations/patrols. During these operations, the unit was able to inflict 11 killed (BC) and undetermined number of wounded, one (1) captured and two (2) were apprehended on the enemy side while one (1) WIA (CVO) on the government side and the recovery of several enemy equipment as follows: one (1) knife (Batangas). Furthermore, with the unit's relentless triad operations, 46 Terrorists Dissidents personalities surrendered, 24 of whom were armed regulars belonging to Front Committee 6 and Front Committee 34 and the Bagong Bagani Command operating in the tri-boundaries of Bukidnon-Agusan-Davao while the remaining 22 were mass base supporters/sympathizers. Out of 24 regulars, 21 surrendered with firearms broken down as follows: one (1) Cal 30 BAR, eight (8) US rifle Cal 30 M1 Garand, six (6) US rifle Cal 30 M1 Carbine, three (3) US rifle Cal 30 Springfield, three (3) 12 Gauge Shotgun (HM), three (3) revolvers (HM) and three (3) Anti-tank land mines (HM) and two (2) anti-personnel mines.
       On unit training, the unit has conducted a total of 18 trainings/seminars benefiting a total of 16 officers and 545 NCO's and enlisted personnel graduated/completed.
        On 11 January 1997, LT COL ROGER C DIAZ (INF) PA relinquished command to MAJ NESTOR A AÑONUEVO (INF) PA, the AC of S, G2, 4ID, PA assumed command of the unit pur to para 1 SO # 191 H4ID, PA dtd 17 December 1996 effective 08 January 1997.
      During the short stint of MAJ NESTOR A AÑONUEVO as acting Commanding Officer, massive intelligence operation through negotiations hand on hand with the Civil Military Operations were intensified which eventually resulted to twenty two (22) regular cadres surrendered that belongs to PBY and FGU PITO with twelve (12) HPFAs. Significantly, on 17 March 1997, a simple acceptance ceremony was conducted at Cabanglasan Municipal Hall wherein eleven (11) TDs from PBY surrendered with their four (4) HPFAs and four (4) LPFAs. The occasion was attended by COL JACINTO LIGOT (GSC) PA, 403rd Brigade Commander, MAJ AÑONUEVO ACO 9IB, Hon Mayor Pableo Ravelo, Municipal Mayor and all government sectors in the municipality.
        Not long enough, on 08 May 1997 pur to para 1 SO Nr 62 H4ID dtd 03 May 1997, MAJ NESTOR A AÑONUEVO (INF) PA was relieved as Acting Commanding Officer and the Command was turned-over to LT COLONEL JULIUS R MOREÑO (INF) PA the former 401st Brigade Executive Officer. The occasion was attended by BGEN JAIME DELOS SANTOS AFP, Deputy Division Commander, COL JACINTO C LIGOT (GSC) PA 403rd Bde Commander and other Officers and invited VIPs held in Battalion Headquarters in Sitio Bobonawan, Imbatug, Cabanglasan, Bukidnon.
         With the able leadership of LT COLONEL JULIUS R MOREÑO (INF) PA, the 9th Infantry (SANDIGAN) Battalion, continue to garner accomplishments for the period from 08 May 1997 to 24 December 1998 having participated in a total of four (4) Brigade initiated operations and conducted eight (8) Battalion initiated Operations, twenty three (23) Company size operations 1,750 Platoon size operation and 5,881 small unit operations, These combat operations supported by effective intelligence successfully resulted in six (6) government initiated encounters inflicting seven (7) enemies killed (BC), four (4) captured namely: Lutawan @ Jay, Dominador Cablas @ Carlo, Eduardo Bosio @ Alfredo/Pato, Amazon Jonalyn Gawilan Dayon @ Misil, and undetermined wounded on enemy side while one (1) KIA and one (1) WIA on the government side. These encounters resulted in the recovery of fifteen (15) HPFAs broken down into: one (1) BAR, ten (10) M16, two (2) M14, one (1) M79, one (1) Garand, one (1) Cal 30 Carbine, six (6) rifle grenades and six (6) LPFAs and the recovery of voluminous subversive materials of high intelligence value and assorted commo equipment. Relentless negotiations also resulted in the surrender of 18 armed regulars (NPA) with nine (9) FAs (four) 4 M16 rifles, two (2) Garands and three (3) Carbines.
      Complementing internal security operation (ISO), the 9th Infantry (SANDIGAN) Battalion intensified its Civil Military Operations as part of the over all AFP's participation in nation building and active support to the government's developmental thrusts. From 08 May to 31 January 1999, a total of 3,100 Military Values Education (MILVED) activities was conducted giving emphasis on Bible Study Fellowships, Guidance and Counseling and Value Sessions. 180 on Military livelihood Enhancement Program. On Community Oriented Programs, a total of 1,017 Civic Action Activities, 12 CIVAC/MEDCAP, 1 ALPS, 9 MSOT, 2 ACCORD, 6 CARES Program and numerous transportation and communication assistance were rendered to the residence in the community.
    Notably, the 9IB is probably the first unit to launch a successful Community Assistance and Rural Empowerment through Social Services (CARES) Program after Headquarters Philippine Army began formulating a new and better concept synthesizing 5ID's successful CIVAC, ACCORD Concept and ISO Campaign Strategy. (CARES, Chapter 6pp. 47-48, Philippine Army Soldier's Handbook on CMO). 
       On training, during the period, 9th Infantry (SANDIGAN) Battalion has conducted a total of 48 Trng/Sem benefiting 14 Officers, 725 NCO's/EP, 893 CAAs and 15 CVO's graduated/completed.
       Executing the 403rd Bde AOR realignment, the Bn Hqs was transferred to Migbanday, Claveria, Misamis Oriental on 08 March 1998. Consequently, Bravo Company which was formerly based in San Fernando, Bukidnon relinquished its AOR to 8IB. Then it moved its Company CP to Brgy Mat-I, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. 
     On 30 October 1998, 403rd Infantry Bde implemented another realignment of forces to Infantry Battalions and Special Forces Battalion under its command to contain the present threat situation based on one-on-one concept. Alfa Company transferred its command post from Zamboanguita, Malaybalay City to Brgy Banglay, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. Charlie Company moved from Brgy Tagpako to Brgy Lincomonan in Gingoog City. 
      The accomplishments during the period brought due recognition to deserving personnel tallying a total of sixteen (16) Gold Cross Medals three (3) Officers and thirteen (13) enlisted men, two (2) Bronze Cross Medals, twenty eight (28) Military Merit Medals, thirty four (34) Military Commendation Medals and one hundred fifty five (155) Letters of Commendation.   
        On 01 February 1999, LTC JULIUS R MORENO (INF) PA turned-over the command of the Sandigan Battalion to MAJOR AUGUSTO L TOLENTINO (INF) PA former Executive Officer of 26IB, 4ID, PA in the presence of 403rd Bde commander COL JACINTO C LIGOT AFP at Headquarters 9IB, Migbanday, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. With the sterling leadership of MAJOR TOLENTINO, the unit continue to reap the outcome of its heroic deeds, On 25 May 1999, the Battalion celebrated its 26th Founding Anniversary, The occasion was attended by government officials/leaders within its AOR. 
   On TRIAD Accomplishment for Calendar Year 99, the unit conducted/participated in five (5) Division directed operations, five (5) Brigade directed operations, twenty one (21) Battalion-size operations, forty three (43) company-size operations, nineteen (19) platoon-size operations, 5,054 small unit combat patrols, eight (8) CARES Program, eleven (11) MEDCAP, seven (7) MSOT which resulted in the clearing of four (4) affected barangays, two (2) ACCORD and two (2) ALPS. These operations/activities were supported by effective intelligence which successfully resulted in two government initiated encounters and the recovery of three (3) cal 30 M1 Garand, two (2) 12 gauge shotgun, three (3) improvised anti-personnel mine; the surrender of five (5) DTs with three (3) Carbine and seven (7) MILF rebel personalities of 306th Brigade under Commander Gomonar Panonggo Aka Makakuwa with one (1) M16 rifle, one (1) cal 30 M1 Garand, two (2) 12 gauge Shotgun, one cal .45 pistol, one cal 38 Pistol and .cal 22 pistol; six (6) lawless elements with three (3) cal 30 M1 Garand, four (4) cal 38 pistols and confiscated one (1) cal 45 pistol, one (1) cal 38 revolver, and the neutralization of DT Efremaco Marianas @ Fel, member of ExeCom/CO, EAGU, FC 4B.
    On Training Performance Evaluation, 9th Infantry Battalion was adjudged as best in training among the units in the 4ID for CY 1999, the unit has conducted a total of 37 Training/Seminar benefiting 37 Officers, 622 NC's/EP and 716 CAA's graduated completed.
     The year 2000 marked another success for the 9th Infantry (SANDIGAN) Bn when it was adjudged as the BEST INFANTRY BATTALION  for the whole Philippine Army for the 1st semester. The unit was a run-away number one in both Administrative and Triad operations. Owing to the good rapport of the officers and men of the Battalion, and the exceptional leadership of LTC TOLENTINO, the battalion worked towards the achievements of its mission through the support, cooperation and dedication of its officer and men with the support of local government officials.
       On 07 April 2000, two composite rifle companies and Hq Svc Coy were place Opcon to 402 Bde in connection with 4ID Oplan Sovereign to address the MILF threat and secure vital installation in the municipality of Balo-I, Lanao Norte. 
        For the year 2000 the unit has participated in eleven (11) Division directed operations , seventeen (17) Brigade directed operations, and conducted twenty-eight (28) Battalion size Directed operations, one hundred thirty (130) Company size operations, four hundred ninety-four (494) platoon size operations, nine thousand eighty six  (9,086) small unit combat patrols, ten (10) MEDCAP, thirteen (13) MSOT, fifteen ACCORD and three (3) ALPS. These opns and activities supported by effective intelligence resulted in twenty eight  (28) government initiated encounters  and the capture of one (1) Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPGL), two (2) M14 rifles, four (4) M16, four (4) Garand, one (1) Carbine, one (1) M79 Grenade Launcher, one (1) cal 45 pistol, five (5) cal 38 revolver, one (1) cal 22 pistol, one (1) cal 22 rifle, five (5) 12 gauge Shotgun, one (1) HM Bomb, one (1) Anti-personnel mine, two (2) Hand Grenade, and four (4) Rifle grenades and the surrender of seventeen (17) DTs with one (1) cal 7.62 M14, one (1) cal 5.56 M16, two (2) Garand, five cal 30 carbine, one (1) US cal 30 Springfield, three cal 22 rifles and three (3) 12 Gauge Shotgun and the surrender of (33) MILF fighters with one (1) RPGL, one cal 7.62 M14, seventeen (17) cal 5.56 M16, one (1) AR 18, one (1) cal 30 BAR, one (1) cal 7.62 FN, thirteen (13) Garand, fourteen (14) cal 30 Carbine, one (1) M79 GL, one (1) Garand  (Improvised M14), one (1) cal 30 Springfield, one (1) cal 45 Thompson, four (4) cal 45 pistol, two (2) cal 38 pistol, five (5) 12 gauge Shotgun, four (4) cal 22 rifles and one (1) cal 5.56 pistol and the apprehension of seventeen (17) lawless elements with four  (4) LFAs and confiscated 21,569 board feet of assorted illegally cut lumber.
      On 29 March 2001, LTC AUGUSTO L TOLENTINO (INF) PA turned-over the command of the Sandigan to LTC FRANCISCO A GARILLO (INF) PA the former Commanding Officer of Division Training Unit, 4ID, PA in the presence of LT GEN ROY A CIMATU, CG, 4ID, PA and other VIP's.
       With the able leadership of LTC FRANCISCO A GARILLO (INF) PA, the unit continue to reap the following : For the period covered from 01 April 2001 to 31 March 2002 in its Area of Responsibility which covers the thirty (30) municipalities (24 from Mis Or (including 2 cities Gingoog and Cagayan de Oro), one (1) municipality in Bukidnon, five municipalities  in Camiguin) encompassing 402 barangays with a total population of 1,075,834 and a total land area of about 357.010 square kilometers,
       Notwithstanding the vast area being addressed in its AOR, the unit was able to accomplish its given mission with flying colors, with a balanced application of the TRIAD concepts in addressing all threat groups in which it all scored against, the accomplishment of the unit can be summed up with the following: participated in eight (8) Division directed operations, seven (7) Brigade directed operations, has conducted seventeen (17) Battalion size operations, seventy-eight (78) company size operations, one thousand four hundred seventy (1,470) platoon size operations and sixteen thousand three hundred seventy-three (16,373) small unit combat patrols all over the AOR which resulted to nine (9) government initiated encounter which resulted in the one (1) EP WIA and one (1) CAA the government side while two (2) killed, two (2) WIA on the enemy side, There were also twenty-four (24) surrendered and two (2) apprehended lawless elements, The unit was also able to seized two (2) enemy camps and two enemy safe houses, The unit has likewise confiscated 8,718 Bd ft of assorted illegally cut lumber and 494 Rattan from illegal loggers. 
         The intensified Civil Military Operations (CMO) conducted by the unit has won the hearts and minds of the people, alienated them from the insurgents and has sustained a wide base popular support for the government, along this line, the unit implemented fourteen (14) Army CARES Program, thirteen (13) SOT Operation conducted in the unit's AOR, five (5) Classes in ALPS conducted with one hundred sixty-six (166) lumads clienteles in the units AOR, sixteen Barangays conducted of ACCORD Operations in the units AOR with sixty seven (67) successful projects, eight (8) regular MEDCAP conducted in the unit's AOR and benefited to more or less 10,000 civilian populace, thirteen (13) times joined the Handog sa Barangay in the unit's AOR and benefited to more or less 15,000 civilian populace and twelve (12) Dulaan ng Kapayapaan conducted during the fiesta celebration in the unit's AOR and benefited to more or less 15,000 civilian populace. The successful MSOT operations likewise led to the discover of several NPA "mass graves" and the exhumation of five (5) skeletal remains of those who were once victims of NPA "Operation Zombies". The incident triggered several mass actions by the civilians denouncing the LCM and filing of several charges as part of our legal offensive. Though our relentless negotiation effort the following firearms were surrendered; one (1) AR 18, four (4) cal  30 Garand rifles, four (4) cal 30 Carbine, three (3) improvised M16, seven (7) 12 gauge Shotgun and one (1) Anti-tank revolver .    
         For these noteworthy achievements, the unit had successfully suppressed the resurgence of Dissident Terrorist activities in the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Camiguin and Bukidnon.
          With which, the unit reaped several major awards from higher Hqs to wit: Best Infantry Battalion in Administration, Training and CMO for CY 2001 at 4ID. These awards bespeak success of the unit’s accomplishment on its given mission.
         On 04 April 202, LTC FRANCISCO A GARELLO (INF) PA turned-over the command of the Sandigan to LTC RICARDO RAINIER G CRUZ III PA the former AC of S, G2, 4ID, PA in the presence of MAJ GEN ALFONSO P DAGUDAG (AFP) PA, CG, 4ID, PA and other VIP’s.
            For the whole year round 01 April 2002 to 01 April 2003, under the superb leadership of LTC RICARDO RAINIER G CRUZ III (GSC) PA, showed very clear perspective on its given mission. The honing of acquired talents of personnel, updating of knowledge and as well as perfecting its skills were given priority.
        Those efforts paid-off with the following accomplishment: Government initiated encounter: On 141530 Mar 02, at vic 51P YK 215645, so San Isidro, brgy Lunotan, Gingoog City ; 221510 March 02, at vic 51P YK 023751, sitio Lower Kapatagan, Umagos, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental; 282300 Jul 02, at vicinity 51P XK 968364, Boundary Brgy Balubal, CDOC & brgy Mambatangan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon; 120745 September 02, at vicinity 51P YK 084621, so Mat-I, Bulahan Claveria, Misamis Oriental; 25 September 2002, at 51P XK 91516090, PBCM compound, San Antonio, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental; 271430 October 2002 at vicinity 51P WJ 987538, Camp Ibno Abbas Damul Imtezar S. E of Baliwan Mountain, Sultan Gomander, Lanao Sur; 272200 September 2002, at vicinity 51N XJ 413843, brgy Tuka, Marawi City; 160500 October 2002, at 51N XJ 061599, hill 685, Sultan Gomander Complex; 151715 Dec 02, vicinity 51P YK 0344758, sitio Dagalas, Umagos, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental; 171015 December 20, at vicinity 51P YK 034758, sitio Dagalas, Umagos, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.
        These encountered resulted to the recovery of one (1)-cal. 30 Machine gun SN: 783011: one (1)- M60 LMG SN: 168968; five (5)- cal. 30 BAR SNs: 6535470/650262/629528/650262/85250; one B40 RPG; four (4) – M79 GL SN:76412, 62087 & 2 defaced; seven (7) – AR 18 M653 SNs; 101075, 021779, 102033, 056083, 050036, 252785 & defaced; nine (9)  - cal. 5.56 M16 SN: 068848/058846/136037/108563/ & 5 defaced; one (1) – cal. 7.62 M14 – SN 1476799; four (4) – cal. 30 M1 Carbine SN: all defaced; one (1)- Thompson – SN: 485240; one (1) – cal .45 Pistol; one (1) – 9MM Pistol; one (1) – cal 22 rifle SN ; 40072; three (3) – cal 38 Revolver SN : all defaced; and three (3) – Shotgun SN: all defaced. For ammunition, Explosive and Magazine are as follows: two rds- 60MM Mortar; two (2) rds B40 RPG; 19 rds – 40MM M203; 1,542 rds – cal. 5.56MM M16; 128 rds – cal 7.62 M14; 620 rds – cal  30 BAR; 351 rds – cal 30 M1 Carbine; 20 rds – Thompson; 46 rds – cal 38 revolver; 33 rds – Shotgun; one (1) rd – cal 50 LMG; four (4) Hand Grenade; one (1) – rifle Grenade ; one (1) Anti pers Landmine; 12- pcs Blasting cap; four (4)- kls Nitrate.
           Recently the joint operation between elements this unit and NBI official led by Atty Nolan Godia of region 10 in serving the search warrant duly signed by Honorable judge Rodrigo Lim of  RTC 11, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon to certain Armand Bobong Impit residing at Punong, Claveria, Mis Or for alleged and suspect of the Murder committed to Elias Gayanong of Malitbog, Bukidnon. Said team recovered one (1) improvised M14, with one (1) link of ammo compose of ten rds; one (1) M16 rifle with one (1) magazine and 10 rds ammo and one (1) 357 pistol with six (6) ammo.
       For the Magazine Clips and other equipment are as follows: 52 ea long and 58 short for M16 Magazine; 6 ea – mag for M14; 7 ea- mag for cal 30 BAR; 1 ea long and 10 ea short mag for carbine; 2 ea – mag for Thompson; and 3 ea clips for garand . Among others, the unit recovered : one (1) Toyota revo plate nr SFN 813; one (1) Generator, one (1) – TSR Suzuki Motorcycle; one (1) Hyper scanner  HH UHP Radio; one (1) – Aerial Antenna for VHG radio ; one (1)-  Chain Saw ; one (1) – VHP Antenna; two (2) – Transistor radio; four (4) Cassette tape; one (1) – Dipole antenna for  URC 77 radio; 13 Back pack with personal belongings; six (6) sacks of rice; one (1) can of Mongoe ; one (1) – Bandoleer for M14; six  (6) – bandoleers for M16; two (2) Gallon; two bolts for M16; and voluminous Subversive Document.
            For Medicine and Medical Equipment; Fifteen (15) boxes  Benzyl Penicillin;  Fourteen (14) Lunch boxes; twenty (20) pcs Epinephrine; ten (10) pcs Surgical Blade; ten (10) pcs Chromic blade; eight (8) bot Injectable water; eight (8) bot Contrimoxozole; three (3) Opthalmic ointment; four (4) bot Dicyclovirine; four (4) bot Erythromycine; one (1) Gallon coconut oil; three (3) bot Cloxacillin; five (5) pcs Venofix; four hundred (400) pcs Paracetamol tablet; three hundred fifty (350) pcs Ferrous sulfate (200 mg); one hundred fifty (150) Ascorbic acid (250 mg); two (2) pcs  Monoject (injection); two (2) pcs pregnancy test; ninety (90) pcs Nifedipine (Calcuim channel block); seventy five (75) pcs Contrimoxole; one (1) box Latex Medical Gloves; four (4) pcs Surgeon gloves; ten (10) pcs I V Set Micro flo; one (1) pc of stethoscope; one (1) Big cotton; seventy four (74) pcs  propanoiol tablet and Assorted Dental pliers.
           All of the above mentioned were recovered/captured  from the enemy Camp and Safe houses seized on 250645 Sep 02 by a composite elements of  Alfa, Hqs, and Centurion Coy at vic 51P YK 91516093, PBCM Compound, Brgy San Antonio, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental ; On 120745 Sep 02, at 51P YK 084621 sitio Mat-I, Bulahan, Claveria, Mis Or by the elements of Bravo Coy , On 272200 Sep 02, at  51N SJ 413843, Brgy Tuka, Marawi City; vicinity 51N WJ 987538, Hill 658, 51N XJ 061599 MILF Camp Turogan Sultan Gomander, Lanao Sur. On 160500 Oct 200 at Camp Ibno Abbas Damul Imtezar S. E  of Baliwan Mountain, Sultan Gomander, Lanao Sur dtd 271430 Oct 02 of Centurion Coy ; 51N WJ 993548, Sultan, Gomander, Lanao Sur. On 271430 Oct 02;   dtd 151715 Dec 02, at 51P YK 034758 sitio Dagalas, Umagos, Lagonglng, Misamis Oriental; 161730 Dec 02, at 51P YK 034758 sitio Dagalas, Umagos, Lagonglng, Misamis Oriental; On 171015 Dec 02, at 51P YK 034758 sitio Dagalas, Umagos, Lagonglng, Misamis Oriental.
            Casualties/captured personalities on enemy side: CT’s-7 KIA and 9 WIA with the total of 16 unidentified; five (5) Body counts (Unidentified) mbrs of 304th Bde, 3rd Field Div,  MILF, BIAF and the captured of two (2), a certain Jomarie Hair Moctar (International Terrorist) and Hakasan Tumog. Lawless elements captured and apprehended: @ Tagadiad logger ; Enrique Balangiao-logger; Wing-wing Tampo. Nestor Manculintas. Jinky Humaynon Y Acosta @ Dodong, Tomas Eugenio. Felix Malaygay. Juanita Culinat. Dionisio Mojado, Gorgonio Ampoloquio, Agutin Payeta. Cresencio Torentera. Prodencio Ligutom. Openiano Pactol. Fernando S Acosta @ Dodong, Ruel S Bulta , Edwin E Bulta and Nene Marianas.
            Recovered/rescued hostages from the hands of lawless elements were; Cerelo Gawad, Roger Gawad, Rostan Gawad, Jonard Gawad, Tommy Gawad, Vice Mayor Bon Juan Po and SG Alejandro Bayron.
           On Training, the unit conducted CAA refresher trng to one hundred seventy-nine (179) regular members of the CAFGU’s  from east Misamis Oriental to their proficiency and enhancement  of para military knowledge and skill as municipal territorial forces, also conducted twenty nine classes of unit remedial training for enlisted personnel this unit and sent nine (9)  personnel schooling for Advance career courses, thirty (30) Basic courses, one (1)  SF and sixteen personnel for in- Svc Training.
       On Intelligence and Humint operational aspects:  Successful negotiation effort resulted t the surrendered of  25 LCM with following FAs; 1- M14, 1- M16; 1- Shotgun (US); 1 – cal 22 rev; 9 – Shotgun (HM) and 1 cal 22 Remington model 550 for SPSGS, 3 personalities with 1- cal 30 LMG; 1- cal 30 M1 Garand; 4 NSR; 2- M79 and for the Lawless 18 personalities surrendered with 1- cal 30 BAR; 6- AR 18; 2 –cal 7.62 M14; 4 Carbine; 3- cal 5.56MM M16; 1 –cal 30 M1 Garand; 1-Thompson; 2- cal 38 Rev; 1- cal 22 rifle; 3- Shotgun and 1 M16 Rev (HM).
            On CMO matters, the unit distributed 500 copies of News Letters per quarter to include organic personnel and OPCON unit sand concluded/finished seven (7) RSOT operations along affected brgy of Alipuaton, Bunal, Looc, Ili-ilihon, Yungog all of Salay; Brgy Bangbang of Medina all of Misamis Oriental and Lunotan of Gingoog City. The unit is weekly tie-up with the HANDOG SA BARANGAY hosted by LGU’s, NGO’s headed by Hon. Antonio (Bong) Calingin the Provincial Governor of Misamis Oriental and the MEDICAL MISSION of Hon Congressman  Moreno then at the same time jibe the distribution of leaflets and continue the weekly radio program thru DXIF, Radio Bombo, Cagayan de Oro City and DXRG, Gingoog City, As part o the environmental program of the government the unit was being deputized by the DENR and successfully confiscated volume of  185,978,327 bd ft  of Assorted lumber / Lawaan species  with estimated value of  P 1,777,177.97 in just 20 pesos per board feet and eleven (11) Cargo Truck were properly turned over to the DENR for proper disposition. 
            For the first quarter CY 2003, In compliance with the Operational Directive from HHqs regarding the realignment of Brigade AOR down to Battalion level the unit relinquished operational jurisdiction over the municipality of Baungon and hinter barangays of Cagayan de Oro City to 8IB, 4ID, PA effective 25 March 2003 and assumed operational jurisdiction over the municipalities of Buenavista, Carmen, Nasipit and all other barangays at the western portion of Butuan City, all of Agusan del Norte from 20IB, effective 25 March 2003.
         With which, the unit reaped several major awards from higher headquarters to wit: 4ID,s Best Infantry Battalion in Administration, Personnel Management, Education and Training for CY 2003 and further adjudged as Philippine Army’s Best in Administration for CY 2002. These awards bespeak the success if the unit is the accomplishment on the given mission. 
         On Operations for the 1st Semester of CY 2003, this unit participated seven (7) Division directed operations; Seven (7) Brigade directed operation and conducted ten (10) Battalion initiated operations, forty four (44) Company initiated operation; one thousand six hundred eighty two (1682) platoon size and twelve thousand eight hundred ninety (12,890) small init combat patrols. During these operations, the unit was able to accomplished.
         On SPSG/MILF, the unit capture of eight (8) Guerrila Bases including the well known Camp Bilal and Baghdad all of Lanao del Sur with three (3) confirmed dead and 60 were seriously wounded on the enemy side while three (3) KIA and fifteen (15) WIA on the gov’t side and the recovery of the following” two (2) ICOM antenna, one (1) Wet cell btry 12V, several ammo for M16M14, one (1) case (1) for RPG, nine (9) Jungle Hammock, one (1) RPG improvised, ammo for 60mm Mortar, Ammo for 60mm Misfired, Cable wire Solar charger. Twenty (20) kls Ammonium Nitrate, fifty (50) Bandollers for M16/M14, Arabic Books, Guard Details, Bill Boards, Kitchen Utensils and voluminous subversive docs.
            On LCM, the unit recovered two (2) HM shotgun with two (2) live ammo, ten (10) rds ammo for M14, one (1) mag w/ 20 rds ammo for M16 ad one (1) HM anti personnel land mine. Discovery and seizure of three (3) enemy encampment at vicinity 51P YK 05077533, Upper Kapatagan, Umagos, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental, vicinity 51P 039903, Brgy Malpoc, Buenavista, and vicinity 51P YK 527844, Km 14 Jaguimitan, Nasipit, All of Agusan del Norte.  During the period the unit losses five (5) M14 and eight (8) Garand rifles with a total of 13 HFA’s carted by enemy during the harassment/attacked at Lantaka PB, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental and resulted to the death of one (1) EP, one  (1) CAA and one (1) civilian hit by crosses fire.
            On Intelligence and Civil Military Operations, was able to negotiate the surrender of  seventeen (17) CT’s belong to FC-4B and PBY bringing along: one (1) cal 5,56 M16 rifle defaced SN, one (1) Shotgun defaced SN, one cal 22 Remington Model 550-1, one (1) cal 38 rev. (Snob nose), one (1) Hand Grenade, nine (9) improvised Shotgun, two (2)  live ammo for M16, two (2) live ammo for Shotgun and one (1) Short magazine for M16 and the confiscation of 134, 382 bd ft of assorted lumber and 389 round logs and were properly turned-over to proper authorities.
            On Training, from 01 January to 30 June 2003, the unit was able to conduct twenty nine (29) Training/seminars with a total of Five Hundred Thirty Eight (538) enlisted personnel participants from line units and one hundred seventy nine (179) CAA’s. Likewise, this unit was able to cope with its quota allocation of personnel for schooling in the different AFP institutions purposely to provide its personnel the needed knowledge and skills for the accomplishment of the unit mission .
          On Operations for the 2nd Semester of CY 2003, this unit participated three (3) Division directed operations; three (3) Brigade directed operation and conducted twelve  (12) Battalion initiated operations, nineteen   (19) Company initiated operation; seven thousand nine hundred ninety seven (7,297)) platoon and small size combat patrols .
        During these operations, the unit was able to initiate two (2) tactical engagement at vicinity 51P YK 110575, barangay Luna, and at 51P YK 161643, sitio Dugo-dugo, Pelaez all of Claveria, Misamis Oriental which resulted to the recovery of three (3) high powered FA’s and three (3) low powered FA’s: (two (2) M16 rifles, one (1) cal 30 M1 Garand, one cal 30 M1 Garand Improvised HM, one (1) cal 38 rev and one (1) shotgun HM, one (1) ICOM Base IC 2000, one (1) GP 68 Motorola HH rdo transceiver , one (1) Medical Kit and voluminous subversive documents.
        On Triad operations were able to neutralized CT’s personalities: four (4) in combat operations; one (1) on intelligence and one (1) on CMO with a total of six (6) personalities.
       On 11 December 2003, LTC RICARDO RAINIER G CRUZ III PA turned-over the command of the Sandigan to LTC ROQUE C CALAGUI JR INF (GSC) PA
      In compliance of the HHPA directive, the 9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion was reconfigured from maneuver to Cadre Battalion  dated 27 January 2004 with its new mission  “To manage and control the CAFGU Active Auxiliaries (CAA) as a vital component in the Integrated Territorial Defense System (ITDS) in support to the Internal Security Operations (ISO) in the403rd Infantry Brigade Area of Responsibility  in order to attain a physically and psychologically secured environment”..
            For the period covered under the able leadership of the newly installed commanding officer up to 01 July 2004 the unit was able to accomplished the following
      On Operations the unit have conducted: 13 Battalion Initiated Operations, 12 Company size Operations; 1,450 Platoon size Operations; 3,990 Small Unit Operations that resulted to  three (3) Initiated Encounter at 51P YK 439299 sitio Ulayanon, Calabugao, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon; 51P YK 0672 sitio Mingkamansi, Kibanban, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental and 51P YK 058717 Brgy kibanban, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental and the recovery of one (1) cal 30 M1 Garand, two (2) M16 rifle, 7.62mm ammo, three (3) live ammo of 12 gauge shotgun, two (2) long mag M16 loaded w/ 60 rds, three (3) mag Carbine w/ 45 rds, one (1) link of M60 LMG ammo, one (1) mag M16 short w/ 15 rds, one (1) dextrose, Dynamite powder, batteries intended for landmines, contact nrs, ointment & cotton, two (2) back packs containing personal belongings and subversive documents. It was also during this time that the unit has neutralized 17 personalities, 14 surrenderees broken down as follows: eight (8) MNLF  and two (2) under PEKSAN  and four (4) under SECOM, 12  assorted high and low powered FA’s surrendered, and one (1) fragmentation grenade, two (2) landmines exploded, one (1) 60 mortar ammo recovered, one (1) lawless apprehended with 6 grams marijuana leaves and enemy camp w/ 3 makeshift totally destroyed.
          On training : three (3) Basic Military Trng with (333) CAA  benefited, one (1) unit orientation training, 36 new private benefited, two (2) back to basic training 50 EP benefited
        Platoon Refresher CTW CAFGU Cadre/CAA training 1, 011 EP/CAA benefited, two (2) CAFGU Cadre training 191 EP benefited.
          On Civil Military Operations: 222 activities on mile conducted w/ 10,545 Mil/CAA dependents benefited, two (2) CARES conducted w/ MOL 3,500 civ populace benefited, 10,979 activities on COMREL conducted w/ MOL 100,000,000 civilian populace benefited, 12 tribal consultative meeting, 167 Dialgue/Symposium w/ MOL 10,500 mass Base/NPA, 1,500 copies of leaflets propaganda materials distributed to target barangays.
          On 29 June 2004, LTC ROQUE C CALAGUI JR INF (GSC) PA turned-over the command of the Sandigan to LTC JOSE ANTONIO CARLOS B MOTRIL INF (GSC) PA in the presence of COL ARMANDO L CUNANAN (GSC) PA Commanding Officer of 403rd Bde, 4ID, PA.
            Upon his assumption of command, LTC MOTRIL redefined the role of the 9IB members in accordance with its mandate as a cadre battalion. He made every Sandigan Trooper orient themselves and clearly understand that the mission of the effective components in support of the ISO effort of 403rd Infantry Brigade. He emphasized that the battalion headquarters and its leadership shall not intervene in the ISO campaign within the brigade AOR unless told to do so but would fully support the campaign’s implementation by ensuring the cadre companies’ and CAA companies’ acquisition or enhancement o required capabilities for their task as OPCON units of the brigade.
         Since 29 January 2004, the following changes have been implemented on 16 February 2004, the four cadre companies have been streamlined into three, with Alfa and Charlie Cadre Companies assuming control over the CAA Companies relinquished by the defunct Delta Cadre Company. Alfa Cadre Company moved its command post from Halapitan, San Fernando, Bukidnon. Bravo Cadre Company moved its command post from Dansuli, Samay, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental to Barangay Campo, Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental. The CAA Administrative Office under the S3 section Has been transferred to the S1 section effective 15 February 2005, The S3 section has absorbed the S7 function. The S2 functions primarily focus on counter-intelligence through the intelligence platoon and secondarily on intelligence matters targeting the various threats to the survivability of the CAA patrol bases.
          On unit training, the battalion has conducted two (2) Company Refresher CTW CADRE/CAA Training with thirty one (31) EP and one hundred sixty (160) CAA benefited, one (1) Disaster Relief and Rescue Operation Training with thirty (30) EP and two (2) Officers benefited,one (1) Defensive Driving and Vehicle Maintenance with twenty two (22) EP benefited, one (1) Intel Security Awareness Training with twenty three (23) EP benefited, thirty two (32) Platoon refresher CTW CADRE/CAA Training with one hundred thirty four (134) EP and eight hundred sixty nine (869) CAA benefited, two Rifle Markmanship Training with fourty nine (49) EP benefited, two Instructor Development Training with seventy five (75) EP benefited, thirty nine (39) CADRE/CAA Refresher Training with one hundred sixty nine (169) EP and one thousand seventy two (1,072) CAA benefited, eighteen (18) CAFGU/AA Refresher Training with eight hundred twelve (812) CAA benefited, four (7) CAFGU Basic Military Training with six hundred thirty six (636) CVOs benefited, two (3) Intelligence Collection Training benefiting fifty (50) cadres, and five (5) Cadre Workshop Seminars benefiting one hundred sixty (160) cadres.
            On 18 January 2006, JOSE ANTONIO CARLOS B MOTRIL turned-over the command of the Sandigan to LTC ALAN R ROJO INF (GSC) PA former Battalion commander of 26IB who was adjudged as Best Manuevering Battalion, since his assumption of command various changes is implemented.

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