2. DATE ORGANIZED: 01 September 2002

3. AUTHORITY: GO NR 03 H9IBDE (SEP), PA Dated 12 January 2003

4. UNIT STATION: Camp Elias Angeles, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur

          As can be seen from the unit logo or seal, the torch, or commonly called in Filipino as "sulo" has a red-black flame with a tapering handle of brown and black and is set vertically along the center of the logo. It is placed inside the inner hole of a compact disc. The torch symbolizes the early means of communication. The use of light is the simplest device of communication which is captured by the human eye. The torch handle with bar code signifies the advent of technology which influenced the evolution of communication.

Another powerful symbol of the logo is the lightning flash which represents the electrical impulses or the passing of information through electronic medium. It also signifies prompt actions as a major  unit transmits communications to its subordinate units.

The horn or better known as "tambuli" in the Filipino recollects the early means of communication. Symbolizing the military communications by sound which is directly appealing to the sense of hearing. This also representing long distance communication.

  The spear commonly known as “sibat”  is set vertically along the center of the logo, the triangle and quadrangle with a shade  of green represent courage in action of every individual organic personnel of the 9th Signal Battalion,  9th Infantry Division.  The bold brown boarder of the quadrangle symbolizes the boldness of the unit to create innovative ideas for the enhancement of communications in the AFP.

              The compact disc, on the other hand, also symbolizes the passing of information through modern computer technology which is now a vital part of military communication.

              The orange triangle signifies mobility, coordination, and unity effort in the accomplishment of its mission.


                 The 9TH Signal Battalion, a combat support unit of the 9th Infantry (SPEAR) Division, traces its early beginnings as the 2nd Signal Platoon, Field Support Signal Company of 2nd Signal Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division located in Camp Canuto, Pili, Camarines Sur. The Field Support Signal Company, then under CPT LUCERO PA from 15 August 2002 to 15 January 2003 was activated as the 9th Signal Battalion as per TOE-A-18-1 when the 9th Infantry Brigade (Separate) was elevated to an Infantry Division in 2003 effective 01 September 2002.
MAJOR FELICIANO B GUTON who assumed command on 15 January 2003 to 15 January 2004 was officially designated as the first Battalion Commander of 9th Signal Battalion.
                  The second Battalion commander of the unit was LTC WILSON L GALEDO SC (GSC) PA who assumed command from 15 January 2004 to 20 January 2006. LTC GALEDO was responsible for the transfer of the unit in October 2004 to its present location at Camp Elias Angeles, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur. He was responsible for the activation of the PA LAN/WAN. LTC FLORANTE L MALIJAN SC (GSC) PA Assumed the unit as Battalion Commander on 20 January 2006. He was responsible for the commissioning, activation and upgrade of the Camp  Angeles REDCOM Telephone Switching system. This gave birth to the Camp Elias Lakandula Angeles Telephone Exchange (CELATEX)  which is capable of inter connection with the different AFP camps.


                    Since then, the 9th Signal Battalion continuously provided 9ID with modern tactical and fixed communications equipment manned by its highly skilled and well-experienced signal personnel.
For the past four (4) years, the unit’s accomplishments were concrete manifestations of a solid commitment to serve the army’s 9ID through fastest means and modern communication linkages. Significant accomplishments as follows: Provides tactical communication service support to Division headquarters, Infantry Brigades and Infantry Battalions
                    Operation and maintenance on a 24-hour basis the Camp Elias Angeles telephone exchange Redcom Telephone switching system;
                      The installation ,operation and maintenance of six (6) satellite communication which provides telephone link between Division Hqs ,Higher Headquarters and vice-versa;- Provides public address system services to all command activities;
                    Operation and maintenance of Wide Area Network/Local Area Network
                   Provides organizational maintenance team to repair the organic and non organic signal equipment;
                    The installation and operation and maintenance of a newly acquired HF/SSB (better known as Harris) data communication that links Division Hqs down to Brigades and Battalions.
                 Conducts training on CEIS equipment operation and maintenance

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