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     The 7th Regional Community Defense Group, Army Reserve Command of today traces its origin from the defunct Civic Action Center (CAC) which was organized in Camp Lapulapu, Cebu City on 24 may 1966. Colonel Oscar V Aleonor PA had the distinction of being the first unit commander, its primary peacetime mission then, was to conduct seminars among Barrio Leaders on techniques of fruit tree grafting in weekly rotation basis.

     Colonel Aleonar was succeeded by Lieutenant Colonel Bonifacio Soriano on 19 may 1967. On 03 June 1968, Colonel Aleonar took over again as the Commanding Officer and was in turn relieved by Colonel Emilio Alcoseba on 01 January 1970. It was during Col Alcoseba's incumbency that the Home Defense Affairs Unit (HDAU) was activated in place of the Civic Action Center (CAC) on 10 February 1970 which was reorganized to suit its expanded mission.

     Colonel Fortunato U Abat assumed command on 22 January 1971 when Colonel Emilio Alcoseba PA became the Brigade Commander of the 3IB (seperate). The former was later relieved by Colonel Edmundo A Enriques PA on 12 April 1971. His Coming ushered in new development and changes in the working plan of the unit.

     Later the Home Defense      Affairs Unit (HDAU) was transformed into Three (3) Home Defense Battalions and placed under the 3IB (seperate) during the latter's organization in 1972. These battalions were deployed in eastern, western and centra visayas.on 23 August 1973 Colonel Enriquez was relieved and then Maj Manuel Arce PA was designated as the acting unit Commander up to 31 December 1973.

     Colonel Francisco M Esmas succeeded Maj Arce and assumed command up to 01 April1975. It was during his tour of duty that the unit underwent a lot of face-lifting and significant changes. One of which was the deactivation of the home defence battalions and organization of the home defence unit on the same date. This unit covered the area of central, eastern and western visayas based on regionalization conceft and was made responsible for the monpower, reserved affairs administration, reserved force development,civil relations, mass base operations, motivational enlightenment and military economic development activities.

     A promotion of assignment forced Colonel Esmas to leave the unit and assumed higher responsivility and relinquished command to Colonel Alvaro S Andaya on 01 April 1975 to 16 May 1976.Colonel Ernesto C Maderaso then assumed as the unit commander from 16 May 1976 to 01 September 1977 and relinquised command to Lieutenant Colonel Rodrigo M Espinal who during his incumbency, the control administration of the unit was transffered from 3rd infantry division to the army reserved command (ARESCOM) on 01 JANUARY 1980. COLONEL ESPINAL was relieved and was in turn relieved by COLONEL RENATO V PALMA who during hisincumbency the area of responsibility of 7RCDU ARESCOM covered the Region 6 and 7 only. This was due to the creation of the 8RCDU, of AERSCOM on 15 JAN 1982. COLONEL PALMA made strategic innovationsin the traditional concepts of the 7RCDU, ARESCOM especialy along the line of accomplishing the unit's mission-that of efficienlycarrying out the home defence and civil relation prorams while at the same time actively involving itself in the nation building activities, especially in the livelihood movement, the KILUSANG KABUHAYAN at KAUNLARAN (KKK) and the KILUSANG SARILING SIKAP PROGRAM. during COLONEL PALMA'S tour of duties the army's comminent as "PROTECTOR" AND PARTNER FOR PROGRESS" was his guiding for principle. COLONEL PALMA has significant achievements which impress higher headquarters thus he was relieved as the unit commanderon 05 MARCH 1986 to assume the positio of higher responsibility. COLONEL HERNANDES wasthen the acting unit commander until 24 MARCH 1986 when COLONEL RODRIGO M ESPINAL took over again as the unit commanding officer. immediatly after the historic edsa revolutionwhen the army reserve command (ARESCOM) was dissolved, The 7th Regional community defence unit was reassigned to the 3rd infantry (SPEARHEAD) division, philipine armyeffective 0! April 1986 pursuant to general orders nr 59 headquarters philipine army dated 03 april 1986.

     On 01 August 1986. The area of responsibility of the 7th regional community defence unit was reduced and conformedto the area of region V11 placing region V1 under 6th regional community defence unit (6RCDU) which was activated on the same date.

     COLONEL RODRIGO M ESPINAL subsequently became the 6th regional comunity defence unit commander this relinquishing command of 7th regional community defence center unit to COLONEL CESAR C URSAL on 01 september to 16 May 1987. during his inumbency the 7th regional community defence unit, 3rd infantry (SPEERHEAD) division, philipine army continued intensifying its efforts to maintain a stature which can best accomplish its defined mission.

     On 16 May 1987, COLONEL DOMINGO C DECIO PA assumed command pursuant to pharagraph 1 section 11 general order number 50 HEADQUARTERS, 3rd infantry (SPEAHEAD) division, philipine army dated 13 May 1987. COLONEL DECIO initiated Major structural changes in the unit giving more emphasis on mustering, organizing and traning of reservists.

     On 16 September 1989, an order was issued by higher headquarters releaving COL DECIO as the commanding officer, 7th regional community defence unit and designating him as the chief, reserve affair office, philipine army effective on the same date, thus living behind his deputy Lieutenant Colonel ROLANDO S RAFAEL as the acting commanding officer until 07 March 1990 when headquarters, 3rd infantry (SPEARHEAD) division, philipine army issued orders designating Lieutenant Colonel CONSTANCIO A MIÑOSA (INF) PA as the acting commanding officer.

     It was during his inumbency from 07 March 1990 to 01 SEPTEMBER 1991 that the unit continued performing its commitment giving more emphasis on the five pillars of the civil military operations program. through its implementing arms, the community defence center of cebu,bohol and negros oriental, the unit actively participated in various civic action activities and responding to the call of the assistance, the unit provide relief/rescue and debris clearin operations, shelter, bedding, transpotation and communication facilities AMD distributing building materials and relief goods and foodstuffs to the victims of super typhoon rufing when it hit cebu on 13 NOVEMBER 1990.

     01 SEPTEMBER 1991, saw the assumptionof LTC JACINTO S PIQUERO (INF) PA, as the acting Commanding Officer of the 7th regional community defense unit, 3rd, PA vice COLONEL CONSTANCIO A MIÑOSA (INF) PA who retired from the service.

     With him the unit aimed to develop the man of 7th RCDU as model in decipline, leadership and in moral rejuvenation. LTC PIQUERO (INF) PA issued strongly-worded orders the directives specially on the behavior of the soldiers as well as the civilian employees of the unit. with this in view, the unit contributed in the succesful emplementation of the PA community deffense programpertaining to reserve force administration,training, build-up, ROTC/WATC/CAT training, civic actions and community development programs within its assigned area. because of such laudable achievments, higher hedquarters issued order designating LTC PIQUERO in full capacity as the unit commanding officer, 7RCDU, pursuant to GO 135 HID,PA dated 19 JUNE 92 effective 01 JUNE 1992.

     It was also during his incumbency that the 7th regional community deffence unit was reasigned from 3rd (SPEARHEAD) division, PA to reserve command, PA pursuant to GO NR 391 HPA dated 12 MAY 1992 effective 01 JULY 1992.

     Pursuant to paragrahp 1 general orders number 12 HQS reserve command, philipine army dated 16 SEPTEMBER 1992. COLONEL BENJAMIN P ALAMON SC (GSC) PA assumed command as acting commanding officer of this unit effective 01 OCTOBER 1992 up to 06 JANUARY 1993. then higher headquaters issued general orders numbers number 1 HQS RESERVE COMMAND, philipine army dated 2 JANUARY 1993 designating COLONEL ROY V KYAMKO INF (GSC) PA as the regional commander, 7RCDU in place of COL ALAMON who was then designated as the regional commander of 10RCDU.

     It was during the term of COL KIAMCO that the unit proved again worthy of its image as a show windowof the arm forces of the Philipines by participating in various civic activities and in coordination with the local government officials and non government organizations. He also initiated various civic action and community relations activities, such as, medical and dental civic action programs in the henterlands of the three (3) provinces of cebu,bohol and negros oriental. The role of the reservists was accorded due recognition and became reason for existence of the 7th regional community defence unit which was renamed 7th regional community defence group (7RCDG).

     Pursuant to section II paragrahp 1 general orders nr 103, HEADQUARTERS RESERVE COMMAND, PA dtd 26 july 1995, COLONEL WILLY A ANDRES 0-5543 INF (GSC) PA was designated as the group commander of the unit effective 01 AUGUST 1995, while COLONEL KYMKO was designated as the chief of staff, 4th infantry division, PA.

     In his assumpsion speech, COLONEL ANDRES stressed that he will continue the project left unfished by outgoing commander and assured that there will be no maj changes of the command policies, however, guidance on matters which was deemed fitting will be published accordibgly as the unit will go on its operations in the accomplishing the unit's mission in accordance with the Philipine army modernization plans towards the year 2000. during his tour, COL ANDRES proved worthy of the awrd given him by HEADQUARTERS ARESCOM, PA.

     Pursuant to paragraph 5 SO nr 38 H ARESCOM,PA dtd 13 JUNE 1996 a swaping assignment between and COL RENATO T JAMORA INF (GSC)PA GROUP COMMANDERS of 11RCDG took effect on 15 JULY the latter's remarks as he assumed command of H7RCDG,he hoped to prove equal to the task his predecessor had accomplished.he humbly admitted that his predecessor was a brillant and outstanding officer and always aimed for excellence so it would not be easy to equal or even surpass him. he further asserted that with the trust and confidence of our COMMANDING GENERAL,the unity and cooperation of all the officers,men and civillan employees of this group,he was confident that this group will move onward towards the attaintment of the unit mission.

     During his tour of duty,COL JAMORA implemented vital programs on reservists and retirees affairs.organization of ready reserve company,conducted refresher traning to RR company, evaluation test to RR compony in cebu, and conducted disaster relief and rescue operation traning. he also conducted in-service tranings/seminars to uplift the capabilities of its personnel. additionally, he sent his military and civilian personnel to attend various trainings and seminars conducted in coordination with other government and civilian institutions. during his incumbency, hewas able to establish an exellent military civilian relationship through participation during enter agency civic activities.

     Pursuant to paragraph 1 SO NR 47 HARESCOM, PA dtd 08 April 1998, COLONEL JAMORA was relieved this unit and designated as Chief of Staff of HARESCOM and COL CEPIRINO L LAYAO INF (GSC) PA took over as 7RCDG commander effective 16 1998. with the new leadership, the reservist officers in region V11 were supporting his programs.

     During the incumbency of COL LAYAO, the unit was transformed into a more efficient and effective outfit accomplishing its multifarious functions with only 70% personnel fill-up and with very meager fund resources. The unit conducted the following activities. AATI for the activated and affiliated ROTC units in the region, CAT-1 annual inspection series of medical and dental civic action to depressed fur-flung areas like guba, Cebu City, Medellin, Cebu,pamilakan in Bohol and san roque in talisay city. he caused the organization and training of RR Battalion based in Cebu, Bohol, negros oriental and sequijor, renopvation of 7RCDG facilities such as the group commander's quarter, BCMT BARRACKS, reservists officer and RAS office, the aquisition of additional vehicle and commissioning of professionals into the reserve force, AFP.

     Pursuant to paragraph 2 SO NR 48 HARESCOM dtd 02 July 2001 COLONEL LAYAO was succeded by JOSE M VALENCIA INF (GSC) PA on 09 July 2001. in his first dialogue with all organic personnel of HQ 7RCDG, he stressed to continue the project left unfinised by outgoing commander giving more emphasis on the command guidance regarding ROTC administration. in his first week, he was able to conduct dialogue with ROTC cadets based in metro cebu and held series of interview to the media in connection with the legal basis of ROTC training.

     On 03 July 2002, COL VALENCIA was again succeeded by COL LAYAO. the change of command ceremony was presided by CG, ARESCOM BGEN MARCIAL A COLLAO JR, AFP. among the significant accomplishment contributed by COL LAYAO during his incumbency as Group Commander of 7RCDG were the asphalting of road nets of 7RCDG, constrution of water tank, construction of reservist center and the realization for the activation of 704th (SIQUIJOR) community defence center.

     On 26 August 2003, COL LAYAO was succeeded by COL DOUGLAS R SAMERA INF (GSC) PA. BGEN EDWIN H VARGAS presided the change of command held at covered court, CENTCOM, AFP.

     During the time of COL SAMERA,his vision for the 7RCDG was to improved the personnel management system of the unit by adofting policies that conformed with that of higher HEADQUARTERS. but his stewardship didn't last because bareley one (1) mont of stint in the 7RCDG as group commander, he was relieved and reasigned to HEADQUARTERS ARESCOM on 01 October 2003. he was succceeded by Ltc PELAGIO V CRUZ JR INF (GSC) PA as officer in-charge.

     On 03 November 2003, the formal change of command between the out-going officer in-charge Ltc CRUZ and the incoming Guop Commander COL EULALIO B ALBEZA JR INF (GSC) PA was held and presided by CG< ARESCOM BG DIONISIO A TORINA,AFP. the ceremony was held at reservists' center, Camp LAPULAPU, CEBU CITY.

     The assumption of COL ALBEZA JR has strenghed unity among its personnel.he started running the unit with energized approaches aimed at getting the tasks than done with dispath. resrvists and retirees affairs were accorded primary attention. heihtened awareness on ROTC matters were propelled. in his stint a number of reservist' training had been conducted to include among others: the BCMT CL 02-2003 whose graduates were incorporated into the 1st siquijor ready reserve battalion, UADT of HHCOY, 1st CEBU RRBN, the special organizational of CATIGBIAN, BOHOL RESERVISTS' compony and the organizational training training of alfa coy 1st BOHOL RRBN>the conduct of regional ROTC annual administrative perpormance evaluation (RAAPE) CY 2003-2004 likewise projected the siriousness of the command about ROTC AFFAIRS. such undertaking bolstered the increase in ROTC enrolment for CY 2004-2005 all throughout the Region.

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