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    In 1896, the camp where ARESCOM  is presently stationed at Tanza, Cavite was named after Gen Mariano  Riego de Dios, who was among the first reservists to respond to the nation's call to arms during  the American-Spanish War. In 1960, the camp become the AFP's food production center until 1976 when it was turn over to the National Irrigation Administration (NIA). In 1994, the 4th Regional Command (RESCOM) PA occupied  the camp when  Headquarters moved fro Fort Bonifacio to Camp Riego de Dios.

    ARESCOM has a long and colorful history dating back in the  early days. But the first  recorded organized utilization of the citizen's army was  when the Spanish colonizers under Magellan were repelled by Lapu-lapu with his citizens army in 1521. In 1935, the National Defense   Act  was enacted mandating all able-bodied Filipino citizens to protect the country. In  1977, the provisional Reserve Command was activated pursuant to GO nr 250 HPA dated 01 September 1977.

     As an offshoot of the EDSA Revolution when the AFP was re-organized, the provisional RESCOM was de-activated. In 1991 marked the  re-birth of the Citizens Armed Forces through the  enactment of RA 7077 known as the National Reservist Act. On 01 July 1992, pursuant to GO Nr 392 HPA dated 12 May 1992, the Reserve Command was re-activated as an approach to the enhancement  of national security  and development. It was also renamed as the present Army Reserve  Command in 01 October 1999 pursuant to  GO Nr 1300, HPA and was given the mission to develop, organize, train, equip and administer competent, mobilizeable reserve force as an integral  component  of the total army in defense  of the state and to   participate in socio-economic development.