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Combat Arms School

The school traces its roots from the Ground Combat School of the Philippine Army School Center (PASC) organized on August 1, 1955 which was then under the General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines. Six years later, it became organic to the Army and subsequently renamed as the School for Combined Arms (SCA) in 1962 wherein the Artillery, Armor and Infantry Schools, that were simultaneously organized earlier were placed under its administrative and operational supervision.
In 1976, PASC occupying a vast training grounds in Fort Bonifacio,  was renamed  Philippine Army Training Command (PATC) and in 1983, it moved  to Fort Magsaysay wherein all units  had their names changed  as an offshoot of the February 1986 EDSA Revolution. On June 11, 1986 the School for Combined Arms was renamed as Combat Arms School (CAS) composing three departments namely: Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry.  On January 1, 1989 its headquarters was relocated back to Fort Bonifacio together with its parent unit, the Training Command, Philippine Army (TCPA).  The school again moved to Fort Magsaysay on January 1, 1999 together with the Command Headquarters which was earlier renamed Training and Doctrine Command, Philippine Army (TRADOC, PA).
To address the operational requirements in addressing both the external and internal threats and to improve the fighting skills of the soldiers, the Battle Simulation Center was established and subsequently placed under the purview of the Combat Arms School. 
In 2003, the General Subject Department was activated to supervise the common module phase of all courses taken at Combat Arms School but was dissolved in 2006.
With the Philippine Army's guidance for HTRADOC to occupy its new base at Camp O'Donnell, Sta Lucia, Capas, Tarlac, the school along with the Combat Service Support School transferred from Fort Magsaysay on December 28, 2006.  However, with the insufficient facilities in Camp O'Donnell to cater to the training needs such as students billeting facility and classrooms, the school returned to Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija in February 2008. The CAS Headquarters and its departments except the Field Artillery Department took over the building formerly occupied by the Headquarters and Headquarters Service Company and the Training Development Center, both of TRADOC, PA.  The Field Artillery was co-located with the Combat Support School, TRADOC, PA at Camp Tinio, Cabanatuan City until its transfer to the AAR facilities during the 1st quarter of 2011 and just recently back to Fort Magsaysay. 
Previously, the CAS conducted Infantry, Armor and Artillery Career Courses. However, with the activation of The Armor School (TAS), Light Armor Division, the Armor courses were then relegated to TAS in the year 2006 and thereafter.
At present, the CAS conducts Infantry and Field Artillery career courses both for Officers and Enlisted Personnel. Added to its tasks is the conduct of Pre-Deployment Course to the newly-commissioned/called-to-active-duty second lieutenants from the Philippine Military Academy and Officer Candidate School.

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