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Command and Staff School

The evolution of the present Army Command and Staff School went through five eras in the history of the Philippine Army.

First Era - It was on October 25, 1898 when General Emilio Aguinaldo through the wisdom of General Antonio N. Luna authorized the establishment of the Academia Militar to train field grade officers of the revolutionary Army. However, it was deactivated on January 20, 1899 due to the resurgence of the Filipino- American hostilities.

Second Era - During the early 1950s, the Army Command and General Staff School was established under the Philippine Army School Center at Fort William Mckinley later renamed as Fort Andres Bonifacio. The school was upgraded and became the Army Command and Staff College. It was deactivated in 1969 to become the nucleus of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Command and General Staff College (AFPCGSC).

Third Era - In January 1969, with the activation of  the  AFPCGSC, officers were trained to meet the National Defense requirements. Training was focused on the preparation of selected field grade officers for higher Command and Staff positions in the AFP. The College became operational from February 4,1969 until 1994.

Fourth Era - With the deacti- vation of the AFPCGSC, the Phi- lippine Army Command and General Staff College  was activated on November 2, 1994. This directive was in accordance with the plan to allow the major services to conduct their own Command and General Staff Course (CGSC), and for GHQ to handle the Joint Command and Staff Course (JCSC) through the AFP Joint Command and Staff College which was upgraded from the former AFPCGSC. The CGSC became  an organic unit of the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), PA. Aside from conducting the CGSC, the College conducted pre-command seminars for battalion and brigade commanders.

Fifth Era - On October 7, 2003 the CGSC was deactivated and integrated into the AFPCGSC purposely to provide senior student officers the necessary education and training on joint operations concepts. Since the Army is in the process of implementing the policy that all sensitive commands and staff positions at the division and HPA level must be occupied by CGSC eligible officers, the Army Command and Staff College was allowed to continue conducting CGSC with some modifications.

With this, the College was renamed as the Army Command and Staff School and became the extension of the AFPCGSC but still under the admins-  trative control of TRADOC, PA. The mandate of the school to conduct the course is on-need basis.

Currently, the school is conducting Senior Staff Officer Course and the Army Module of the Army CGSC. The objective is to train Field Grade Officers to handle staff positions at the brigade level or its equivalent and branch chief at the Division and HPA level.

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