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Combat Service Support School

The roots of the Combat Service Support School (CSSS) can be traced from the several account gathered about TRADOC, PA's glorious history. Doctrinally, CSSS has the mission to mold, train, and manage the rank and file of the Philippine Army in terms of logistics. The importance of the CSSS became more profound and evident when the Military Training Center (MTC) which was organized on January 2, 1947 was tasked to supervise new trainees, the ROTCs, and the trainings in the service schools. When the MTC was deactivated on October 24, 1947 its functions were subsumed to the Philippine Ground Force (PGF) which was one of the five major commands of the military under Executive Order 308. On January 1, 1951 PGF was changed to Replacement and Training Center (RTC) which pursued the mission of its forerunner. A need for a better equipped training center paved the way to the creation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Training Center (AFPTC) on July 1, 1951 which replaced and effectively terminated the RTC. By virtue of GO No. 4 dated August 1, 1951 the Philippine Army School Center was activated and designated as one of the major subordinate units of AFPTC. On November 15, 1951 the AFPTC was designated as the Philippine Army Training Command (PATC) under Brigadier General Claro B. Lizardo. Service schools increased and grew in number. PATC handed the general supervision for these schools to PASC. On February 3, 1958 PASC was renamed to Philippine Army School Command but was reverted to its old name, Philippine Army School Center on August 16, 1963. The 1986 Edsa Revolution paved the way for the long-desired reforms in the AFP. Consequently, PATC was changed to Training Command, PA (TCPA) pursuant to Section III, GO No. 150 dated June 11, 1986 hence, the changes made on the subordinate units, including the Service Support School (SSS). Further innovations and enhancement continued in the 1990s until the Combat Service Support School (CSSS) was formally organized on May 16, 1995 that remained until today. From Fort Magsaysay in Palayan City, CSSS finally transferred to its permanent location at Camp O' Donnell, Capas, Tarlac on December 21, 2006. Today, the CSSS conducts Ordnance, Quartermaster, Adjutant General Service and Finance career, special and specialization courses for the Philippine Army.

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