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Bontoc, Mt. Province- 10 April 1992

For acts of conspicuous courage, gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a Platoon Leader of delta Company, 24th Infantry Battalion, 7th Infantry Division, Philippine Army during the Unit’s encounter with about 80 heavily armed NPA terrorists belonging to the Chadli Molintas Command-Regional Unit Guerrilla (CMC-RYG) at vicinity Hills 1946 and 1923 in the boundaries of Sagada and Bontoc Mt Province.
 Confronted by a numerically superior enemy, subject Officer maneuvered his platoon and ferociously fought the enemy for more than six hours. Initially moving towards intermediate objective at Hill 1946 GS 7898, his platoon surprised an estimated 20 NPA terrorists whom they engaged in a 20 minute fire fight until the enemy withdrew.
Search on the scene of encounter accounted for three enemies killed and two M16 rifles recovered. While his Platoon was preparing for evacuation, one team moved ahead towards the Southwest to secure the route but while approaching Hill 1923 GS 7896, the team was ambushed by an estimated 30 rebels. The team engaged the enemy for three hours despite their inferior number. Unsure of the fate of the leading team, SECOND LIEUTENANT BANDONG JR led the reinforcement to link up with the team but while in the process, his reinforcing team was engaged by a separate enemy group from the rear. Another, team guarding the rear quickly positioned themselves and fought back but the enemy from the rear was superior in number. Immediately he ordered perimeter defense and continued to encourage his troops to fight. Overwhelmed by the superior enemy strength and already critically wounded on his left shoulder, SECOND LIEUTENANT BANDONG JR ordered his men to withdraw leaving him and those killed in action behind. Unmindful of his wounds and of his personal safety, he chose to continue engaging the enemy up to his last bullet, thus delaying the enemy advance and allowing his troops to withdraw. This ultimately saved the lives of other government troopers especially those who were wounded in action.
By this display of heroism SECOND LIUETENANT BANDONG JR upheld the highest virtue of military leadership and professionalism, thus earning distinct credit for himself and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

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