The PA, being one of the three major service commands of the AFP, believes that there is a need for change. The compelling reasons that justify a transformation program are as follows:

    • The PA needs to adopt best practices in its processes and systems in order to be more effective, responsive, and transparent. Related to this, the organization must synchronize its processes and systems to the current programs of the Defense Department such as the Philippine Defense Reform Program, the Defense System of Management, the AFP Modernization Program, the AFP Capability Upgrade Program, and the AFP Internal Peace and Security Plan Bayanihan.
    •  The PA is generally perceived to be barely capable in performing its functions and in accomplishing its missions given the inadequate force, training, and equipage. Hence, the organization must address identified capability shortfalls in order to make its units and offices fully mission capable.

    The Assistant Chief of Staff for Plans and Policy, G5, PA conceptualized the Army Transformation Roadmap in compliance to the Command Guidance issued by the Commanding General of the Philippine Army. The ATR project is anchored on the Institute for Solidarity in Asia’s Performance Governance System for three reasons:

    • The principles of the Army Transformation Roadmap are consistent with the principles behind the Performance Governance System.

    • The envisaged benefits and changes through the Performance Governance System will magnify the gains of the Philippine Army following the governance framework.

    • The success stories of other partners show the competency and the credibility of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia in terms of its command over applying the Performance Governance System to its partners.

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