“Food for Peace” reaches Pantar

PANTAR, Lanao del Norte – In its second serving, the City Mayor’s Mobile Kitchen jointly administered by the LGU-Marawi and the Joint Task Group Tabang rolled over Pantar evacuation center to serve freshly cooked nutritious meal in the families there, Tuesday, August 8.


JTG Tabang cooked mixed vegetables and stripped chicken known as “chicken with creamy mushroom soup” that was enjoyed mostly by the children at the said center.
Around 500 individuals partook the food prepared, cooked, and served by the soldiers and some IDP volunteers.
The City Mayor’s Mobile Kitchen serving “food for peace” was launched on Sunday, August 6 and now serving to all evacuation centers in the provinces of Lanao.
Colonel Thomas Sedano, commander of the Joint Task Group Tabang in his message to the IDPs said that the activity would not be realized without the partnership fosterd between the Joint Task Group Tabang and the LGU-Marawi.
He also said that through that simple gestures of serving “food for peace”, the government can deliver a message of peace across the province and across the country.