“10 CPP-NPA-Terrorists scamper after Encounter with Army troops”

LEON, ILOILO- Army troops of 12 Infantry Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division encountered more or less 10 CPP-NPA-Terrorist in the vicinity of Barangay Maliao, Leon,Iloilo 11:25 AM today September 30, 2017.

The troops of Maliao Detachment responded on the information given by the civilian populace in the area regarding presence of armed group in the vicinity.
The encounter lasted for 20 minutes with no casualties on government side and undetermined on the terrorists side. Pursuit operation is on going.
Again we are thankful for efforts of the community in giving us the information about presence of CPP-NPA-Terrorists and the threat that they are posing to the community.
The efforts of the community signifies their vigilance against the recruitment, terrorism and extortion modus of the CPP-NPA-Terrorists.
The communities nowadays are well informed about the modus of this terrorist group and that they dont want to be part of it and become victims of their modus.
Let us continue to work hand in hand in keeping our community free from the CPP-NPA-terrorists. END