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    3rd Infantry Division Commander: Do Not use the word “Muslim” in vain

    Jamindan, Capiz- Major General Jon N Aying the Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army is appealing to the people particularly to the media not to use the word “Muslim” in vain or to connect it derogatively to any person or faith.

    MGen Aying reacted after seeing the news that the word “Muslim” was used to further describe the suspects of a certain crime, “Tatlong Muslim, nahulihan ng shabu.” This is a form of social discrimination using hasty generalization affecting the readers’ beliefs, emotions, behavior, opinion and attitude about our Muslim brothers. The word “Muslim” is a sacred word for our Muslim brothers. The word describes a person who follows or practices Islam- as a religion. Let us be responsible and sensitive enough to know and understand what we are saying or publishing so as not to build a social divide and misunderstanding among our fellow Filipinos. The Army and other law enforcement agencies together with the national government, non-government organizations, government agencies, civil society organizations, different religious sectors, other sectoral organizations, to include the media and community, helps build a nation. A nation built within the premise of peace and development and not by social discrimination and insensitivity. We should all learn how to understand, respect, tolerate, co-exist and live interdependently as a nation and as a people.

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