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The Philippine Army Dragon Boat Team was founded in 2009, and was first composed of Army soldiers who came from other field of sports.

To stay in shape, the team trains year round, from paddling to exercise at the gym. They also does pool training twice a week at the Philippine Army Wellness Center (PA Gym) to help perfect paddling technique. Vigorous regiment of core and aerobic exercise, free weights and running are also included in their training program.

SSgt Usman Anterola, the Team Captain, had steered the team into many championships, both local and international. He has been racing for 17 years now.

Instrumental to their success are the arduous training, expert coaching  and guidance, the commitment and discipline of each of the paddlers, and the support from the people.

The Philippine Army Dragon Boat Team is considered the fastest dragon boat crew in the planet after breaking world records.

They had already established World records in the 200 meter event when they competed in the Dragon Boat World Championships in Tampa Bay, Florida in 2011. In the 2014 World Championships, the Army paddlers outraced over 25 other competing teams in the 200-meter category, and broke the 53-second world record in the same event by posting 47.85 seconds. Meanwhile, in the 500-meter event, the team out-paddled 27 other teams, nailing another world record by clocking an all-time best record of 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

The team, who is motivated to pursue more accomplishments in the sport, is slated to participate in the World Club Crew Championships in Australia in 2016.




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