MSAB celebrates 2nd Year

The Multi-Sector Advisory Board (MSAB) of the 7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division, Philippine Army held its Quarterly Meeting in Dagupan,

Pangasinan. The event was organized through the coordination of the Governance and Strategy

Management Office (GSMO) headed by Colonel Raul C Vinoya, and was hosted by Engineer Isidro T. Pajarillaga, an MSAB member who is the President of Central Luzon State University (CLSU), and the 702nd (Defender) Brigade through their Commander, Brigadier General Milfredo M Melegrito. It was conducted in time for the celebration of 7ID MSAB’s 2nd year anniversary.


The MSAB acts on an advisory capacity to the 7ID, created to ensure that there is continuity, sustainability and shared responsibility in the realization of the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR). The MSAB is of trusted and respected members of the community who are experts in their field, representing various sectors of the community such as the religious sector, the youth and the business sectors.

The ATR Technical Working Committee (ATR-TWC), composed of military officers who are counterparts of the MSAB, are also part of the quarterly meetings held to update and check on the progress of the projects crafted through the guidance of the MSAB. The presence of Commander of 7ID Major General Angelito M De Leon is vital in the planning and implementation of proposed projects.

To date, several projects have been launched at the Kaugnay Division including the Mushroom Production Farm, the Bamboo Plantation Project, the Aqua Fort water

Distillation and fish cages at the Pahingahan Dam.  The renovation of the Pahingahan Multi-Function Hall is also a result of the MSAB’s efforts to transform Fort Magsaysay  (home to 7ID) as an ecotourism destination. Other projects still on the planning stages will soon be implemented.

A new MSAB member took her oath of office during the meeting. Ms.


Christianne C. Suguitan, Director of the Department of Agrarian Reform in Ilocos Sur, said that she was impressed not only with the achievements of 7ID MSAB but of the thought of a community of men in uniform making the best of what they have and not asking for anything in return. She further said that 7ID’s dedication has “awakened her conscience”, referring to General De Leon’s words that the MSAB is the conscience of the Kaugnay Division.

Dr. Virginia G. Sacramento, re-elected MSAB Chairperson, reminded everyone that success does not only depend on the skills of those involved in a project but also on the passion and commitment of the people who are entrusted with it.

For his part, Major General De Leon, conveyed his gratitude to the members of the MSAB for helping the 7ID metamorphose, and for changing the people’s perception of Fort Magsaysay from something rigid into something that is now worthy for eco-tourism. In closing, he said that he is well aware that officers will come and go but the projects should continue with the MSAB as a guiding force; and 7ID will always be open to their advice and perform as expected.

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