7ID Troops Help in The Bird Flu Outbreak

The country is experiencing the first bird flu or avian Influenza virus outbreak particularly in San Luis, Pampanga. The outbreak will affect close to 200,000 poultry animals which includes layers, broilers, duck, layers game fowls and quails.

The Department of Agriculture has ordered the killing of the affected animals in order to prevent the spread of the affectation and spare humans to be infected by the virus. The disposal of the affected birds entails a lot of personnel with the sheer volume of the affected animals. 


With this development the 7thInfantry (Kaugnay) Division was tasked by Higher Headquarters to help in the disposal operation and set-up checkpoints to prevent the transport of infected animals and isolate the affected areas. Initially one hundred eighty (180) KAUGNAY troopers where tasked to augment in the disposal. The 48th Infantry Battalion under LTC GEORGE M BERGONIA has been tasked to undertake the job since the affected area is under its jurisdiction. One hundred twenty (120) Soldiers from the Peace keeping Operation Center based in Camp O’ Donnel Tarlac have likewise been tasked to augment 7ID troops for the mission, bringing the total number of committed troops at an initial three hundred (300).In a parallel effort the Fort Ramon Magsaysay Army Station Hospital (FMASH) has initiated a massive information operation regarding avian influenza to all personnel of the 7ID including tenant units inside Fort Ramon Magsaysay. MGEN ANGELITO M DE LEON the Division Commander had given his guidance to help in any means in order to defeat this outbreak and spare humans from getting infected which will worsen the situation.
Prior to their deployment, the soldier will be capacitated by way of Orientation Training and will also be issued with the protective gears by concerned agencies. MGEN De Leon further assured that troops of 7ID are ready to respond should there be a need for additional troops.

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