10ID Celebrates Women’s Month 2019

    February 4, 2019

    Camp General Manuel T Yan Sr., Mawab, Compostela Valley – On March 4, 2019, 7:00am., during Command’s Flag raising Ceremony, Major General Jose C Faustino Jr AFP Commander 10ID, with a simple program, led the Celebration of National Women’s Month. The activity highlighted the women’s role in Nation-building effort of the government through the message of the Commanding General Philippine Army read by MGen Faustino: “Today, marks the start of Women’s Month, wherein we recognize the invaluable and meaningful contributions of women in all spheres of our society. We recognize, in particular, their service at the forefront of progressive social reforms. Our celebration of Women’s Month traces its roots in the 1988 proclamation of Resolution Number 20, setting the observance of Women’s Month in March. This milestone was followed by another one in 2010, with the signing and enactment of Republic Act 9710, a comprehensive women’s human rights law which is also known as the Magna Carta of Women (MCW). Hence, the focus of Women’s Month is to strengthen our efforts to improve and track the progress of the MCW implementation. Our celebration revolves around two main By 2028, a world-class Army that is a source of national pride and Commitments, “Malasakit at Pagbabago (true compassion and real change).” In our organization, this change translates not only to the full integration of women in the military, but also of increasing opportunities for them to grow and develop professionally. Recent events like the Battle of Marawi have given our female soldiers the opportunity to demonstrate their own brand of service to country and people. Some of them were directly involved in the frontline by providing direct and indirect fire support as mortar gunners and snipers. They delivered supplies and rescued civilians in the Main Battle Area. This really shows that our Army has evolved in its values and attitudes towards our female soldiers by allowing them to serve alongside their male counterparts at the battlefront. This opportunity was made possible because the Philippine Army believes in the capabilities of women. Thus, the theme for our celebration, “We Make Change Work for Women”, calls upon everyone to empower the women of the force and enable them to engage, contribute, and benefit. We are professional soldiers, both men and women alike. Therefore, equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal results must be promoted constantly. Again, happy Women’s Month! Mabuhay ang ating mga kababaihan! Mabuhay ang Philippine Army!

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