1LSBde Received Certificates of Appreciation from Stakeholders




    Community service have a great impact to our society, specially the youth. It gives them the oppurtunity to reveal their full potential, increase their self-esteem and learn fundamental moral rules and principle which help them in the course of their life.

    Last November 2018, 1LSBde, ASCOM, PA provided manpower assistance and transportation to the Girls Scout of the Philippines of Tetuan Central School SPED Center during the 28th Council Wide Camp held at Mercedes Central School, SPED Center, Zamboanga City utilizing two (2) unit Truck, 2 ½ Ton Cargo, M35.

    With the efforts of 1LSBde personnels involved, they build tents to shelter and protect the Girls Scout for camping.

    Further, 1LSBde received another certificate of appreciation from stakeholder in recognition of their valuable support and contributions for the welfare of abandoned, orphaned and neglected children of Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC), Talon-talon, Zamboanga City. This program was conducted during the 1st Founding Anniversary and Christmas Celebration of 1LSBde headed by Brigade Commander, COL FILEMON P RADAM JR.

    This incredible acts from our troops will make the children to be motivated in pursuing their dreams.It will inspire and empower them to become a good example in our society.

    Indeed, it was such a great honor for the unit to engage and help community services and be a role model for the youth.


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