2FSSU Moving Forward as Brigade Support Battalion


    The 2FSSU was known to be the Provider of the North addressing and sustaining the Army units in the region of Cordillera Autonomous Region and whole Northern Luzon. Since its activation, the 2FSSU underwent several organizational transformation and innovation in order to fulfill its mandated mission - to provide GS Combat Service Support Operations to PA units in AO in support to ASCOM mission. The general peace being experienced in the north probably speaks well of how 2FSSU was able to successfully support the Army units within in its AOR. While supported unit focused on their operations, the unit sustained their logistical requirements.

    Speaking thereof, 2018 is one of the fruitful years for the unit. 2FSSU was able to performed 108 Issuance of Supplies, seven (7) Stock Transfer and Back loading of Supplies and six (6) Throughput Distribution of Supplies in line with its effort on Supply Operations. On Maintenance Operations, this unit conducted 1728 Technical Inspection of firearms, 417 repair of firearms, 71 technical inspection of vehicles and 26 Repair/rebuild of Vehicles. In the field of Transportation Operations, the unit was able to perform 28 dispatches for Transportation Support to Operations, 17 dispatches for Transportation Support to Stakeholders and seven (7) dispatches for Transportation support to HADR. This unit also performed 25 Ammunition Surveillance and Inspection and one Disposal of unserviceable ammunition. On limited mortuary affairs, this unit was able to provide 13 Transportation Assistance and 14 frequencies of issuance of Mortuarial Supplies. Additionally, 2FSSU conducted 20 frequencies of Logistics Visits. These data clearly show how dedicated and committed 2FSSU in performing its mandate. And, always ready to cope and adapt any endeavor that may arise.

    As 2019 started, 2FSSU has faced up new challenge after being chosen to become part of the 1st Brigade Combat Team (1BCT) – newly activated unit. 1BCT has various units being attached and OPCON from different PAMUs to be organized into War Fighting Functions and elements to attain synergistic effects. The requirements on logistics functions including Heath and Personnel Services were covered by the unit. Hence, 2FSSU was reconfigured and named as Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) to provide sustainment for the 1BCT on its entire endeavor and future deployment.

    This year’s SALAKNIB and BALIKATAN exercises 2019, the 1BCT will play the lead role and the primary contingent of the Philippine Army to participate in the exercises. The BSB as one of its component units will participate throughout the exercises performing combat sustainment. The unit’s capability on sustainment will be tested on its employment performing logistics, health and personnel services functions. The unit will be trained while performing sustainment operations especially on the major activities for the exercises such as the MOUT operations at FMNE; the Brigade Defensive Operation at UDR Camp O’Donell in Capas, Tarlac; and the Combined Arms Live Firing Exercise (CALFEX) at COL E RAVENA Air Base (CERAB), Tarlac. This will test their competency in responding and sustaining the requirements of frontline units and not be routed due to lack of the ability to sustain.

    Though, it may seemed differently and new for the unit to perform sustainment, but this opens the opportunity for the unit to learn on the future of logistics especially on sustainment. Today, the unit is at its pace to confront and adapt this challenge that lies in their hand. The eagerness and enthusiasm to learn shown by the officers and enlisted personnel speaks well of how professional and committed they are to contribute more on the needs of their supported units. They may not be on the forefront of the exercises or battle field but the success of BCT operations rely on their hand. 1BCT and its component units will be supported and sustained.

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