A pyrotechnic like display with a loud bang on day light vaporized assorted unserviceable ammunition and explosives in an instant.

    Just south of Western Visayas, 6TH FORWARD SERVICE SUPPORT UNIT, ARMY SUPPORT COMMAND, PHILIPPINE ARMY, together with 1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Platoon 2nd EOD Company, EOD Battalion, ARMY SUPPORT COMMAND, PA led by LTC DEXTER A MACASAET QMS (GSC) PA provided such display last 07 March 2019. A total of 1,054 pounds of assorted unserviceable ammunition was disposed through detonation that was witnessed by representatives from different concerned units such as OACOCS, COA, 3ID, and FPAO, APAO, PA.

    Being a major supporting unit in providing logistical support in Western Visayas with ordnance items like ammunition, explosive, firearms, etc, we are also responsible in disposing those identified as nonfunctional/unserviceable items especially Ammunition and Explosives that pose danger with its prolonged storage. Hence, regular inspection and surveillance is a must activity of every FSSU to identify and determine items that need immediate disposal as they can be a threat to both life and property in the vicinity of storage. Several activities with such nature are lined-up in the coming days to ensure safety and efficiency in the accomplishment of the mission by the Providers in Western Visayas.

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