"Dugo Ko, Buhay Mo" A Blood Letting Activity Conducted by SSTS to Showcase their Noblest Act of Selfless Giving and Sharing During Eid Al-Fitr


    By: SSg Jessica Mae Kristina M Flores 891160 (QMS) PA

    CAPTION 2B 2

    The Philippine National Red Cross in collaboration with SSTS, ASCOM PA conducted a bloodletting activity inside the SSTS facility dubbed as, “Dugo Ko, Buhay Mo” as part of the school’s noble contribution during the culmination of Eid al-Fitr on 05 June 2019. The activity yields 35 bags of packed whole blood which was participated by the Officers, Organic personnel and students of SSTS.

    The blood donors of SSTS, ASCOM inspired by the slogan, “Dugo Ko, Buhay Mo”, displayed their noblest act of selfless giving and sharing a drop of their blood to make a difference to the lives of others making themselves a hero on their own.

    Besides, donating blood has health benefits not just to the recipient but as well as the donor himself. Studies show (Harvard Research) that blood donors are less likely to have heart attacks and it will keep the individual in good shape. So, if we think we are gaining weight, let’s go donate a drop of our blood!


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