Significant Contributions of RDC to the Philippine Army through Materiel Development

    Significant Contributions of RDC to the Philippine Army through Materiel Development

    The Research and Development Center, Army Support Command, Philippine Army, in its quest to become a world-class research and development center, is committed to the effective and efficient delivery of materiel through relevant research and development and reliable quality assurance activities, that are responsive to the capability needs of the Philippine Army in fulfilling its core purpose of “Serving the people. Securing the land”.

    To achieve this, the Center through its Materiel Development Division (MDD) conducts thorough and comprehensive research on army materiel that addresses the capability needs of the Philippine Army. One of the recent and most notable contributions of RDC to our organization is the conceptualization, designing and fabrication of the Surgical Truck of the Forward Treatment Unit (FTU). This project was a collaborative work of the Center with the Office of the Army Chief Surgeon and an industry partner, Ferman Trading & Manufacturing Corporation and a civilian collaborator, Mr Louie Young, with good track record on fabrication of closed vans.   The Surgical Truck was conceptualized to accommodate various medical equipment, supplies and necessities to facilitate medical operations/surgery on the field. The Surgical Truck is provided with electricity and water supply and is well-lit and very spacious even with all the equipment inside it. It has an air-conditioning unit that is necessary to a medical treatment facility.

    This was showcased during the Philippine Army’s 122nd Founding Anniversary last 21 March 2019 where no less than the President of the Philippines, his Excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte has seen the Forward Treatment Unit with great appreciation and even commended the ingenuity of Army personnel who were involved in the project.

    The completion of the Surgical Truck was made possible with the sterling management of its Director, LTC FRANC Y MANANQUIL OS (GSC) PA and, deep sense of commitment and excellence of RDC personnel and employees over the years.




    Another RDC project that was part of the Forward Treatment Unit is the Enhanced Frame-type Tent (EFT). The project was conceptualized to enhance the current frame-type tent in the Philippine Army inventory. Some of the improved features of EFT include well-insulated and waterproof canvass material, and enhanced ventilation while giving consideration on the overall weight of the item. Ten (10) units prototype were likewise displayed during the Philippine Army Anniversary as component of the Forward Treatment Unit.


    Other notable research and development activities of the Center include the development of the Philippine Army Pattern (PHILARPAT), development and fabrication of Bayonet Lug Adapter as attachment of Grenade Launcher, 40 mm, M203 EXPIC to Carbine, 5.56 mm, R4A3 and Multi-Purpose Water Dolly, Trailer-Type with 1,000-li and 2,000-li capacities.

    The Center also conducts joint undertaking with other government agencies, such as the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) for possible projects that will help our troops during field operations. Also, DOST hosted conferences to government and private research and development institutions like RDC, ASCOM, PA to harmonize the country’s research and development priorities and align them with the thrust of the current administration. Moreover, a number of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) were signed between RDC, ASCOM, PA and DOST to support several projects using locally developed technology such as the Development of Bamboo Fiber reinforced panel and the deployment of Innovative Rainwater Collection System to Marawi.




    RDC in its existence for many decades is continuously exploring avenues that would result to significant contribution to the Philippine Army. In an overall perspective, the efficient stewardship of its dedicated Officers with high degree of professionalism and commitment to service of both the enlisted personnel and civilian employees coupled with competence, the Center continues to provide excellent services not only to the Philippine Army but to the Armed Forces of the Philippines in general.


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