Quality Assurance Division, RDC, ASCOM, PA: Accomplishments and Successes (Covering 01 January 2019 to 15 June 2019)

    Quality Assurance Division, RDC, ASCOM, PA:

    Accomplishments and Successes

    (Covering 01 January 2019 to 15 June 2019)

    Quality Assurance Division (QAD) of Research & Development Center, Army Support Command, Philippine Army, is committed to its Quality Policy of providing reliable quality assurance activities through accurate and efficient product testing services for the Philippine Army, other government agencies, and stakeholders, i.e. private manufacturers/suppliers.

    QAD has been continuously providing services by conducting product tests on various quartermaster and ordnance items. From 01 January 2019 to 15 June 2019, QAD was able to conduct a total of 198 tests which generated a total test fees of Seven Hundred Forty-Three Thousand One Hundred Seventy Pesos (PhP 743,170.00) collected by our collecting entity, 14th Finance Service Field Office, FCPA. This test conducted can be translated to procurement of around 70 various quartermaster and ordnance items by the Philippine government.

    One notable test and evaluation conducted by this Center under the leadership of LTC FRANC Y MANANQUIL OS (GSC) PA and supervision by Engr John Fel Y Bandiala (Supervisor for Ordnance Section, Product Testing Branch, QAD) was conducted on 13-14 June 2019, in cooperation with Samyang Comtech Co., Ltd. (South Korea based company) that secured a multi-billion joint project contract with the Department of National Defense. Said company produces force protection equipment, such as body armor and ballistic helmet. The force protection equipment, though they had already complied with the National Institute of Justice standards, was also tested at this Center in order for the commodity managers to observe the test first-hand (representatives from Office of Army Chief Quartermaster; Philippine Marine Corp, PN and Philippine Airforce).




    RDC personnel are also constantly being invited as subject matter experts (SMEs) in the field of testing and evaluation, and research. Mr Engelbert F Avena (Supervisor, QAD) was invited as an SME last 28 February 2019 at AVR, TAPI building, DOST Compound, Gen. Santos Ave. The DOST project was regarding Ceramic-Carbon Composite which has future applications as anti-ballistic material. The main objective of this meeting was to discuss the viability of commercialization of the ceramic-carbon composite on the Philippines. All experts unanimously reached the decision to approve the commercialization of the ceramic-carbon composite and this decision may paved the way for the future ceramic industry in the country.

    As an example of exemplary dedication to her chosen field, and as per recommendation of Office of Army Public Affairs, Ms Modest Joydalyn M Reyes (Registered Chemist) was invited by the Media and Civil Affairs Group, Civil Relations Service, AFP as a guest at the AFP VRTV on 291600 May 2019 during the program of “Ang Inyong Armed Forces,” hosted by Ms Lui M Claudio. The purpose of the interview was to have a dialogue with Ms Reyes on being adjudged as the Philippine Army Model Civilian Employee for CY 2018 which she was awarded, as command plaque, last 21 March 2019 by nonetheless the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte. The interview focused on the importance of the role of scientists like Ms Reyes in the fulfillment of RDC’s Mission and Vision.  During the interview, a fresh insight regarding Materiel Development and Quality Assurance in the Philippine Army was provided by Ms Reyes, as she is considered as a technical expert in said fields. More importantly, the participation of civilian employees was emphasized in assisting the military personnel in accomplishing the Mission of the Philippine Army of serving the people and securing the land.  One important RDC project highlighted during the interview was the Design of Ballistic Protection for Engineering Equipment used during the clearing operations of the Marawi siege.  It was a relevant accomplishment of this Center, as the research and testing capabilities of RDC was proven to be essential in supporting important PA activities, thus contributing indirectly to national security.

    A parting message was also imparted by Ms Reyes, encouraging the youth to share their talent to the government service rather than releasing their woes through the social media.  She said, “In order to change and improve our own lives, let us not put all blame to the government.  Instead, the best remedy is to actively participate in finding the solution to these problems as a united nation and not as individuals separated by our own selfish intentions”.


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