7FSSU Enhances operational facilities

    7FSSU  Enhances operational facilities


                Facilities are crucial in every military operation as it addresses aspects that provides an efficient and conducive working environment. This further entices military personnel and civilian employees to become more productive and efficient in the performance of their respective duties and responsibilities. In view of this logistical concern, the 7FSSU Troopers through the initiative of its Commanding Officer, LTC EDGAR C PAULE QMS (GSC) PA has an ongoing construction of a new Message Center located at the admin building and a Multipurpose Hall in front of the admin façade. Apart from the two (2) projects, a fully furnished Receiving Room was also made to give way for the unit’s guests coming from various customer units in Region VII. These are just the initial accomplishments of the unit as it implements their continuous project on enhancement of operational Facilities align to the strategic objective under the Unit Strategic Roadmap. The unit is still on its way to accomplishing more potential projects to increase the operational readiness of its facilities.


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