7FSSU Proficiency On-site Audit

    TITLE: 7FSSU Proficiency On-site Audit


                The Philippine Army envisions to attain its international standard of excellence and to be world-class armed forces that is a source of National Pride by 2028. An army that is capable to address any threat or aggression whether internal or external to preserve the sovereignty of the Filipino people. Hence, we can only consider it a world-class army if it is well-organized, well-trained, well-equipped, capable, and professional. However, to attain this vision, all PA units have to participate and contribute in order to be successful.


    In line with this effort, the ASCOM GSMO office conducted an evaluation of Performance Governance Scorecard of 7FSSU to monitor the overall performance of the unit and its personnel. Through the Commanding Officer, LTC EDGAR C PAULE QMS (GSC) PA, the unit was evaluated based on standard parameters during its proficiency on-site audit last 28 June 2019. It was conducted by the Head Audit Team LTC RICO O AMARO GSC (INF) PA with MAJ SHERYL K LATAY (AGS) PA and MAJ EMERSON A BORJA (AGS) PA as Team Auditors and Pfc Jinky Y Domingo as Team Secretariat. The team has reviewed the unit scorecard and its Strategic focus that is to develop a reliable Combat Service Support capability and aims to sustain Army units in Region VII. It was a tough evaluation process but in the end, 7FSSU has successfully passed the onsite audit for Proficiency AGP status.

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