Region VII ASCOM Troopers Support REPO caravan in Cebu






                Environment has played a very important role to maintain balance in the ecosystem. Loving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Saving the environment is a survival truth and not just an issue anymore. There are so many ways on how to conserve the environment like patronizing recycled products for offices, home and schools, proper handling of waste materials, saving energy; however, by just simply planting trees can do massive contribution to the problems the environment is now facing. This activity has played a very important role in order to overcome deforestation. Deforestation is one of the perilous problems that the environment is struggling on.


    In a way to partake with the movement on environmental conservation, on 02 0800H July 2019, the 7FSSU Troopers headed LTC EDGAR C PAULE QMS (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer participated to the tree planting activity program spearheaded by Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) with different civilian key stakeholders from AAI Worldwide Logistics, PLDT, KKS, Opascor, Ludo & Luym, Coca-cola Bottlers, RA Mojica, Cebu Landmasters, Cathay Pacific, Virtual Business Partners, Excelym, Resugbonet, Central Cebu Protected Landscape, Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office, University of Southern Philippines Foundation, San Nicolas Elementary School, OPRRA National High School, STEP Philippines, Quest Hotel and Conference Center-Cebu, and I Care Philippines at Buhisan Natural Center, Brgy Buhisan Cebu City to restore the environment from its original state. The reforestation caravan was participated by around 300 volunteers including the team 7FSSU and successfully planted 7500 tree seedlings and ensures their growth in the area. This reforestation program is an essential action in order to save the endangered Cebu Watershed in Buhisan which is the main source of good supply of potable water for the Cebuanos. It can help protect important species of animals in the area. It can help prevent soil erosion and it is an effective strategy against global warming. Through this activity, regeneration and replanting of trees in deforested areas will benefit not only the mankind but the economy as well.


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