8FSSU Conducted 5-day Supply Management Seminar to Responsible Supply Officers and NCOs of Supported units in Region 8


                                                                                                    Pvt Juvimar Justice Caro (INF) PA


    “You wont find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics”.

    General Dwight D Eisenhower

    With its strong desire to equip with sufficient knowledge and skills on logistics management and administration the 80 designated Responsible Supply Officers and NCOs of supported Philippine Army units in Region 8, 8FSSU conducted a 5-day Supply Management Seminar at its Headquarters from August 05 -09, 2019.

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    In particular, said training aimed at enabling the participants to understand the system, processes and management of supplies from the depot or installation level down to the end-users or consuming level so that they may ably, promptly and sufficiently sustain the logistical requirements of their respective unit’s mission. To meet this objective, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the various fields of Logistics were selected and designated as instructors for the training. Moreover, to ensure effective learning among the participants, the methods of instruction utilized were a combination of lecture, group discussion and practical examination.

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    In his message as keynote speaker during the Opening Ceremony, LTC VINCENT ARNOLD O DY QMS (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer, 8FSSU, emphasized the important role/s played by the unit RSO and RSNCO’s to the success of their respective unit’s mission”. While in his message, LTC SAUDI NUR OS (GSC) PA, the Commanding Officer, 8SSBn, 8ID, PA and the keynote speaker during the Closing Ceremony, highlighted the quote from M. Cox which says, Behind every great leader, there was an even greater logistician”.

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    The activity ended up with the presentation of certificates to the participants; recognition of partner stakeholders who have greatly contributed to the success of the activity and; a boodle fight partaken together by the participants of the seminar and of 8FSSU personnel.

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