7FSSU Providers Hosted Supply Management Seminar to Army Logistic Managers in Region VII

    7FSSU Providers Hosted Supply Management Seminar to Army Logistic Managers in Region VII


                A successful logistic operation requires responsible, accountable and liable personnel. It requires a person who is reliable and trustworthy as well. One of the most significant operations of the Philippine Army is the Logistic Operation and it requires maximum security awareness for the supplies are prone to enemy’s attention. Thus, in order to ensure proper management and security of supplies in the hands of the logistic managers, Supply Management seminar is necessary to educate personnel occupying logistics position.

                In this regard, the unit hosted a seminar on Supply Management that has covered five days of training and lectures from 29 July 2019 to 02 August 2019 at the Headquarters 7thForward Service Support Unit, Ascom, Philippine Army. The seminar was participated by four (4) Officers, thirty (30) Enlisted Personnel and one (1) Civilian Employee coming from different supported Philippine Army units in Region VII. The seminar is purposively intended to produce and train the participants to become Responsible Supply Officer/ Responsible Supply Non Commission Officer of their respective units and to become more reliable and confident of their position.


                The topics lectured and discussed during the Supply Management seminar are Unit Organizational Supply Procedure, POL Operation, Introduction to Military Ammunition and Military Explosives, Property Accountability & Responsibility and Supply Management Procedure, Storage and Warehousing Procedure, Process on Determination of Disposable Property, Logistic Security, Internal Control System, Internal Control Best Practices, Pilferage, Inventory Operation, Property Accounting, and Issuance and Turn-in of Supplies Flow Chart. The seminar also included practical exercises for the participants. The unit provided 16 GB Flash Drive to all participating units and offices containing lectures on Module 1&2 power point presentation, 23 updated PA Manuals, 26 References Materials, Logistic Manual, CCSO Manual, Policies and Directives from Higher Headquarters and all updated forms essential in the supply operation process.


                Finally, the Supply Management Seminar enhanced the knowledge and skills of the participants and projected to be designated as RSO/RSNCO and be able to understand the system and processes in managing supplies at installation/depot and consuming level and apply the system and procedures being implemented in the Philippine Army. This will add more logistician experts that will ensure proper resources management, care and maintenance and enhance counter measure against pilferage in the unit. In the end, this provide a responsible, accountable and liable RSO/RSNCO assets of Philippine Army units in Region VII

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