5FSSU Conducts Motor Driving Safety Seminar

    5FSSU Conducts Motor Driving Safety Seminar 

    Safety is ASCOM’s top priority in the conduct of every mission. Paramount yet it is every unit responsibility to protect lives of personnel and property.

    On 26 July 2019, 5FSSU conducted the Motor Driving Safety Seminar to 35 personnel of this unit owning and driving motorcycle with the personnel of Regional Highway Patrol Group of Police Regional Office 5.

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    The seminar was personally headed by PMAJ RUEL N SALVINO and his two personnel as Subject Matter Expert. PMAJ SALVINO shared to the students that motorcycle is one of the major causes of vehicular accidents in the Philippines and particularly in the Bicol Region. They have responded several cases of motorcycle accidents that cause death not due to negligence of the driver or not practicing the BLOWBAG and BLOWBAGETS but due to lack of knowledge in simple Tactics, Technique and Procedure (TTPs) in operating or driving motorize vehicle. They have responded minor accidents that cause severe injuries or even death to the operator or driver due to lack of knowledge. He emphasized and compared that car seatbelt can secure driver and minimize the fatalities, while knowledge on the TTPs on driving motorcycle can also minimize severe injuries and even death of the driver and passenger.

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    The SMEs lectured the basic traffic rules and common mistakes of the driver why they were involved in motorcycle accidents. Also, they were oriented on the types of road that considerably dangerous or accident prone area. They taught the personnel the proper procedure before operating and riding the motorcycle. After which, they provide demonstration to personnel how to ride and behave on the motorcycle while running and what to do in case of a motorcycle accident.

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    The one-day activity was full of lessons to learn and the troops eagerly and enjoyed the lessons while they are on the process of doing the practical activity.

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