Metal Fabrication


    Metal Fabrication





                Every unit of an Army has its own specialized talent depending on the functions it undertakes and the mission to be accomplished. Within a particular unit, every soldier was recruited and further trained for their skillset. These skills are honed by time, constant learning/practice accompanied with tons of patience.



                    In the Philippine Army, one can be inclined in war fighting, computer programming, and radio communications. Others are in roads/building construction, health and medical care, or enforcers of camp rules and regulations. As for us in the Army Support Command, we prefer our soldiers to be specialized in supply/warehouse management, driving, vehicle rebuilding and the likes. We have preference for skills needed for the speedy delivery and aggressive conduct of Supply, Transportation, and Maintenance Operations; the bread and butter of ASCOM being the primary Combat Service Support Unit of the PA.



                   Among the various expertise in the skills inventory of the ASCOM, the one I esteemed the most is metal fabrication. I am much fascinated with the creation of something through the folding, cutting, bending and welding of sheet of metals that every after the work done, a modest but useful masterpiece was created.




                       I am fortunate to know someone who has the skill of a good metal fabricator- Sgt Aldren D Arevalo (QMS) PA who is currently assigned in our unit the 11th Forward Service Support Unit (11FSSU) based at Panacan, Davao City. Every time I see him work at the 11FSSU Maintenance Shop, he always amazed me with his craftsmanship. With the cleverness of his hands and the right knowledge on the usage of equipment, he conducts the body repair of almost all Repair/Rebuild Projects of our unit. He also fabricates Blast & Fragment Protection Kits, the force protection equipment that had already saved hundreds of lives of soldiers especially in the field. Water dollies are also included in the many lists he had made which are essential in the administrative and operational activities of the Philippine Army units. His other works also include the fabrication of water tank and towers, fences and grills. He had also fabricated signage of units, air-condition and television frames, tables, and chairs.




                  With his expertise, he knows how and when to apply the right amount of pressure and heat, where to bend and folds the metals, and what proper tools to utilize. Most of the time, he is equipped with the oxy-acetylene when he needs to cut metals and the electric-arc machine during welding works. These are two of his many weapons in his arsenal.



                   Metal fabrication as I had observed is a skill that requires constant practice and dedication for one’s improvement. One cannot become a skilled fabricator in just a few days after learning the safety precautions and the basics.




                  For all that I had seen, I can say that to do things such as the creations of Sgt Arevalo doesn’t require magic but it requires skills. Metal fabrication is an expertise which only few possess because it demands the understanding of the combination of arts and sciences.



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