5FSSU- Integrated Sustainment Operation Visit (ISOV)

    Integrated Sustainment Operation Visit (ISOV) of 5FSSU

    By: PFC Jonathan DC Furo (Inf) PA



                    The 5th Forward Service Support Unit, Army Support Command, Philippine Army based in Diversion Road, Legazpi City conceptualizes the effective, systematic and timely conduct of Combat Service Support and Combat Support Operations with a coherent framework for capability based planning including the proper apportionment of available resources given by higher Headquarters to PA subordinate units by creating an Integrated Inspection Team dubbed as “Integrated Sustainment Operation Visit (ISOV)wherein the 5FSSU is the lead unit (main effort), while the 565 Engineering Construction Battalion of the 51st Engineering Brigade, the 9th Signal Battalion, Army Signal Regimentand 5th Finance Service Field Office (5FSFO), FCPA as supporting effort to conduct Logistics Support Operations to Army Units deployed in different areas in Bicol Region benefiting 28 Army units and other units of the AFP, PNP, PAF and other Security Forces in the Region.


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               The joint effort shall focus in addressing the issues on Firearms, ammunition, mobility maintenance and conduct of Troops Information and Educations updates on matters pertaining to logistics by 5FSSU, structures and facilities inspection and maintenance Program of works for repair of operational facilities to be undertaken by 565ECB, Technical Inspection of Communication Electronic and Information System Equipment (CEIS) and field sustainment maintenance by 9th Signal Battalion, ASR while addressing concerned unit financial/fiscal issues of personnel in the field by 5th Finance Service Field Office (5FSFO)



                  The 19th EOD Team address the issues on ammunition and explosives awareness, prevention and disposal of recovered IEDs as well as storage compatibility of supplies:




                  During the conduct of ISOV, the 5th Forward Service Support Unit also conduct logistic through put wherein ISOV Team deliver supplies requirement of the supported units right at their Headquarters so they will no longer bother in withdrawing their supplies and focus their personnel and equipment on their campaign;



                The goals of the 5FSSU ISOV is to ensure a smooth, systematic and orderly conduct of Combat Service Support Operation, provide dynamic actions that will address the logistical needs and other requirements of all supported Army Units in Bicol Region areas by these, thru the regular conduct of Integrated Logistic Visit to our supported units. ISOV Inspection Team also provides functional capabilities to help supported upgrade their units JRRS rating.





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