Creating Standards to Forge the Armed Forces CBRN Defense

    Creating Standards to Forge the Armed Forces CBRN Defense



              Camp Servillano S Aquino, San Miguel, Tarlac City – CBRN Unit novices of the Armed Forces of the Philippines has come together in building jointness in the AFP CBRN Defense through creation of Training and Readiness Standards and Instructor Development.




               CBRN units from the Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy and Marines, and the Philippine Army’s ARESCOM, 525th ECB’s Mass Casualty Decontamination Platoon as initiated by the CBRN Platoon; came together to precompose the Training and Readiness Manual and to develop CBRN instructors in a week-long training at the Service Support Training School, Army Support Command, Philippine Army from 24 to 28 February 2020.




                    Teams from AFP Medical Service and CBRN Branch of the Armed Forces Munition Control Center beefed-up the CBRN Defense to another scale. This convergence of key units of the AFP harmonized CBRN Defense basic principles in deterring threats from any misuse of chemical and biological agents, and radiological and nuclear materials. This capability enhancement reoriented the participants of their strategic, operational, and tactical roles in constriction zones. The AFP-wide interoperability training enables the CBRN Units to actively cascade the skills through unit empowerment and interoperability. This approach intends to increase the number of CBRN professionals in the next generation of soldiery. The participants form part of the new pool of experts to provide CBRN educational proficiency in the AFP and execute effective tactical CBRN response.






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