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                The 11th Forward Service Support Unit is continuously finding ways to enhance the well-being of all Mapaglaan Troopers. Stakeholders are tapped to share their ideas and expertise, especially on activities that can help this unit particularly the morale of its personnel.


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                    During one of this unit’s logistics visits, the personnel saw the mushroom production conducted at 89IB, 10ID, PA. Seeing the potential that it can give to the organic personnel, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from 89IB were invited to facilitate the Mushroom Cultivation and Production Training. The said training is part of the Military Livelihood Education (MILE) program for CY 2020.


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                Hence, a 2-day training on Mushroom Cultivation and Production was conducted from September 17-18, 2020 at the Headquarters of 11FFSU and attended by all available personnel.

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                 SMEs from 89IB began their lecture by introducing the mushroom life cycle, naming and identifying the needed materials for mushroom cultivation and production. Also, the invited speakers introduced the history of mushroom cultivation and production in their community, which grew into a booming business. Likewise, they shared their experiences on how they started propagating mushroom farming to the communities under the 89IB’s Area of Responsibility, which had significantly helped them in their daily living.


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               Moreover, they also identified and showed one by one all the materials needed, such as dried rice straws and banana leaves, which were soaked in water for 24 hours. These items were used as bedding materials. Plastic sheath gauge number 6, cacao leaves, and mushroom spawn were also included in the list. After the lectures, the lecturers demonstrated the bedding procedure while the students bundled together the materials.

                Last October 2, after days of waiting expectantly, the personnel of 11FSSU gathered their first harvests and enjoyed the fruits of their labor.


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