10FSSU Spreads LOVE

    10FSSU Spreads LOVE


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                10th Forward Service Support Unit (10FSSU) literally hit the year 2021 running. In line with the unit’s thrust to enhance its combat service support operations,10FSSU launched its LOVE Program. LOVE or Logistics Operations towards Victory and Excellenceaims to transform the logistics operations of 10FSSU from being responsive or simply reacting to what the supported units requested to being proactive by soundly forecasting and providing the logistics requirements ahead of time. Doing so will push its supported units toward mission accomplishment and organizational excellence.


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                Key to the success of the LOVE program is the aggressive conduct of coordinated, integrated, and synchronized logisticsvisits to 10FSSU supported units. Logistics visits serve as the primary tool of 10FSSU to be proactive in logistics operations. Aside from the regular activities such as throughput issuances of supplies and on-site repairs of vehicles and firearms, in depth discussions with supported units are integrated to the activity in order for 10FSSU to have a complete picture of its logistics environment. This logistics environment on the other hand, serves as the primary input in the forecasting of logistics requirements being done by 10FSSU.


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             10FSSU LOVE. Providers of 10FSSU led by its Commanding Officer conduct proactive logistics operations as part of the LOVE Program of the unit.


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               Since the start of the year to date, 10FSSU has conducted 28 logistics visits covering 49.12% of its supported units. Said visits have resulted to the delivery of 36.3 tons of supplies right at the doorsteps of its supported units, 33 firearms repaired with 106moresubjected to technical inspections, and 18 vehicles underwent detailed technical inspections. More importantly though, 10FSSU was able to solidify the data in its logistics environment which became the basis for proactively coordinating with Headquarters ASCOM for the stock transfers of various materiel as well as with the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics, G4, PA for adjustments and inclusions in its logistics programs to address the emerging requirements of 10FSSU supported units.


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                Indeed, 10FSSU’s proactive logistics operations through its LOVE program will ensure that 10FSSU is always there and always ready to support PA units towards victory and organizational excellence.   Fittingly, with February as the month of love, 10FSSU’s LOVE program comes in no better time.And as they say, love comes  with TLC; in the case of 10FSSU LOVE Program, it comes with True Logistics Care.


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