GSU- FACILITY ENHANCEMENT For a World-class service

    FACILITY ENHANCEMENT For a World-class service!

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                 Over the past years, Grave Services Unit (GSU) of Army Support Command, Philippine Army, as an active participant of the Army Governance Pathway (AGP), had made numerous improvements to its amenities and memorial services as a commitment in the pursuit of genuine and dynamic organizational reforms. Said advances in amenities aim to improve the unit's service to the public and provide the highest honors to the fallen heroes and gratify the anguished families. The said improvements have provided the GSU personnel and the visitors of the LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI (LNMB) with a safer and comfortable environment.


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                 One of the noteworthy endeavors of the unit is the renovation of Mortuary Building # 1. The construction of an extension of the building canopy of the terrace/balcony provides more space for the building that can be a venue for different activities with protection from the various weather conditions. Said renovation was made possible thru the inventiveness of COLONEL FELIMON B DUMORAN QMS (GSC) PA, the Commanding Officer of GSU, ASCOM, PA, with the aspiration to provide a safe and comfortable accommodations and a conducive place for the grieving families during wakes and memorial services of their loved ones.


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               In addition, it’s done simultaneously along with the construction of a comfort rooms for visitors located in between the mortuary buildings # 1 & 2 with a newly constructed three-foot-wide path-walk complete with roofing, lightings, curbs, and gutters connecting Buildings 1 & 2 to the comfort rooms. The newly constructed facility provides protection and convenience to the visitors who wish to use the comfort rooms to relieve themselves during inclement weather. It also offers the visitors safe walking space when going from one building to another without being exposed to rain or extreme heat.


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                Skylight roofing was also fabricated along the hallway of Mortuary Building 2 to prevent flooding inside wake rooms and avoid exposure of the visitors to rains during inclement weather or excessive heat during the summertime and still provides the area with the necessary lighting and ventilation. It has added more space that will serve as an extension of the wake area for visitors to avoid overcrowding the wake rooms and prevent the spread of COVID-19.


                 The facilities are now being utilized and well appreciated by many.  It has accurately served its purpose to provide structurally sound and safe space to its dwellers. With the following renovations and improvements, the unit is truly in setting up a standard of excellence in managing its resources and services that lives up with the Army's promising vision of a World-class Army by 2028 that is a source of national pride.

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